A world of influence: Gaudi’s Barcelona

Sometimes cities feel like they have a soul of their own, distinctive and unique from everything around it. And when you visit, it’s as if this colossus has allowed for our existence and not the other way around. Cities have become cultural symbols up to the point where we forget that humans have built them. But there is one city that bares the brilliant and unmistakable marks of its designer – Barcelona.

Nicknamed “God’s Architect”, Antoni Gaudi’s creative genius revolutionized architecture and building technology in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The beauty of the buildings and parks of Barcelona are irrefutable proof. Gaudi’s work is a monumental and well-preserved example of the quintessential garden cities that were envisioned by the forward thinkers of the past.

Whether you’re walking through Parque Güell, or visiting Casa Mila, Casa Vicens or the epic Sagrada Familia, you will not only be witnessing the work of God’s Architect, but as Gaudi was so influenced by how nature’s shapes influences buildings, the experience will alter the way you see and understand the urban structures all around us.

Antoni Gaudi discovered how to adapt the language of nature to the structural forms of architecture. Through careful observation he managed to translate the shapes and flawless symmetry of nature found in flora and fauna into the design and utility of buildings and parks, transforming the city into a divine, and yet living, creation. The uniqueness of his work is what makes Barcelona an eclectic and very personal experience.

When you next find yourself in this glorious Spanish city, look at it as Gaudi’s modernist vision. Seeing Barcelona in this light will give you insight into the soul of its creator and inspiration on how we can emulate nature’s beauty in an urban space.

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