With the end of lockdown, we’re craving the world again

And with #JourneysToCome, we’ve created the perfect way to welcome it

These aren’t normal times. But after months of lockdown and isolation, we’re all craving the freedom of travel – of trips missed and journeys delayed. We want to make up for lost trips and lost time. To turn our lockdown dreams into spectacular realities.

And that’s exactly why we created Journeys to Come, a brand-new series of epic, transformational trips perfect for the world after lockdown; huge, once-in-a-lifetime journeys each of which has its seed in a story. With each trip, there’s not only a destination, but a dream; from Mongolian reindeer herders and their mission to build a library in the tundra, to the Egyptian boatmen recreating an ancient way to sail down the Nile.

With each trip, you can welcome the world again with epic journeys and incredible luxury, making the most of the year ahead – and celebrating the dreams that sustained us through lockdown. Only now, those dreams have finally, joyfully, found their reality. So let’s hit the road, again.

“Let’s talk, and dream, and plan something to look forward to”.

Over the course of lockdown, we didn’t stop dreaming; over those long months and weeks, we created new and epic trips to take in the world after lockdown. We asked our Travel Experts to summon spectacular moments in the global calendar that are going to light up the months and year ahead. Each journey isn’t just a place, but a reason to travel; a festival, a sporting event – even a naturally occurring wonder; something and somewhere incredible to look forward to now that this dark cloud is passing.

So please do keep updated via @blacktomatotravel on Instagram, @blacktomato on Facebook and sign up to our emails, where we’ll be sharing the reasons why these particular Journeys to Come are just so unmissable, and the perfect way to mark the end of isolation.

And the images below? That’s just us, and the faces we make when we’re on the road.

Olly travelled across Argentina and Chile last year with his dad, a tradition going back many year

A side car tour across the Agafey desert for Becky

Bucket list experience ticked for Dominique in Botswana

Tom and Neil ventured high in the arctic circle in search of stories

A mother and daughter trip to South Africa for Jess

Shana immsersing herself in all that is to be Colombian

A fly over on Rosie's first safari

A couple's tour across North Africa for Amy

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