Our Guide to Myanmar

Turn back the clock in this ancient land that time forgot. Myanmar is a country worlds apart from any other that offers a spiritually and culturally rich and varied travel experience.

At A Glance

Commonly referred to as the ‘Golden Land’, Myanmar is one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world, with a rich and captivating heritage that dates back more than two thousands years. Kipling once wrote of this magical destination, ‘It is quite unlike any place you know about.’ How right he was. This is the perfect choice for an unusual holiday.

Sunset in Myanmar

What to See

Myanmar offers all the traditional delights of Asia in one fascinating country. Start by visiting Yangon and exploring its charming, faded colonial architecture, starting with the Sule Pagoda, which is according to legend over 2,500 years old. Make sure to also pay a visit to the city’s eclectic mix of busy markets where you can have a good rummage and chat with the locals.

For more ancient architectural delights head to the 10th century city of Bagan, where you can take a step back in time marvelling at the 4,400 temples and pagodas peppered throughout the city. Be sure to visit the Dhammayangyi pagoda, Bagan’s largest temple, where you can watch the sun sink into the pink sky from its grand summit.

For some peace and tranquillity head to Inle Lake and meander through its beautiful floating gardens, built up from strips of water hyacinth and mud and anchored to the bottom with bamboo poles. Lastly, be sure to hole up on the beautiful white beaches of Ngapali.

Why We Like It

Myanmar offers a cherished change of pace. In today’s digital, mile-a-minute age, it’s an absolute pleasure (and relief) to immerse yourself in a country that makes you slow down for a minute to really appreciate its beauty and simplicity.