Sandwich Harbour, Namibia

Where to go on holiday in April, May & June 2020

Spring and early summer are some of the best months to get away for some quality time with family, friends and partners, or simply some alone time. From Malpelo Island in Colombia to the ancient Athens Acropolis in Greece, these are the destinations we think you should visit this April, May and June. 

Don’t fancy travelling during these months? Discover more stylish hotels and unique experiences in October, November and December.

Waterfall in Cafetero

Discover the waterfalls of Eje Cafetero, Colombia

The highlands of Pereira plunge down through stupefying Páramo and on, toward lively Bogota. This Colonial-era city is broiling with food, people and culture—from the hidden secrets of La Candelaria to the grand Plaza Bolivar —known so well to our guides. Colombia’s thriving capital is rife with contrasts; from white-washed districts like Villa de Leya—spread thick like butter on the Colombian landscape—to the street food centre of Usaquen and swinging salsa bars of the Old City, including heady La Havana and iconic Donde Fidel.

We had a true lightbulb moment while digging deeper into Colombia, recognising it as a truly untapped destination; including the golden, coastal luxury of Cartagena, and the marine-rich world of Malpelo Island, where you can swim with hundreds of sharks, rays, and whales. We’ve learnt how to make chocolate from exotic Colombian cacao, have explored historic plazas and fortresses, and have delved excitedly into the Cafetero, the country’s lush coffee and jungle paradise; trekking to secluded waterfalls and through plunging gorges.

Our Travel Expert, Diana says:

You should go for: 10 days is the perfect amount of time to explore the colonial cities of Cartagena and Bogota, horseride through the Coffee Triangle and relax on the Caribbean coast at Tayrona National Park.
You should stay at: With its open fires, beautifully carved doors and colonial decor, the cosy Four Seasons Casa Medina in Bogota really is a home away from home, and that’s exactly why we love it so much.
You must visit: A restaurant famed for its empanadas and unmissable all-night parties; Andrés Carne de Res in Bogota will see you eat, drink and dance your way through the city.

Track Cheetahs, AfriCat Foundations
Elephants in Etosha desert, Namibia

Track cheetahs and search for elephants in Namibia

We once heard Namibia described as ‘Africa for beginners.’ This is misleading and a bit unfair on this incredible country. There’s enough to keep you coming back for years, after all. Cruising at speed in 4x4s across the dunes; studying ancient rock carvings at Damaraland; sampling traditional Boma dinners in pure 19th century style; and spotting desert-adapted elephants alongside charging cheetah. 

Namibia does private camps better than anywhere else, and we’ve got close ties with the best; including the surreal, Martian surrounds of Hoanib Valley Camp in Kaokoland.

But we also want to show you Namibia’s human side; Windhoek’s sumptuous architecture and complicated history ranging from colonialism to independence, and the Skeleton Coast (which plays host to some of Southern Africa’s most unique hotels). This is one for the adventurous; those who want to feel the adrenaline of driving, hiking and biking across one of the most spectacular landscapes in Africa.

Our Travel Expert, Tessa says:

You should go for: 12 days will ensure you see the best of Namibia; from the red dunes of Sossusvlei and seal colonies of Mowe Bay to the lion cubs of Etosha National Park. Not to mention, the opportunity to cross over into Zambia to discover the mighty Victoria Falls.  
You should stay at: Shipwreck Lodge is the first hotel to grace the eerie Skeleton Coast. Here, it’s just you, a secluded solar-powered cabin and the sound of hyenas cackling in the distance.
You must visit: AfriCat’s Carnivore Care Centre in Okonjima and join the Rescue and Release programme. Here, you’ll get the opportunity to track cheetahs by foot, release others into the wild and come face to face with the big cats.

Ready to pack your bags?

Whether it’s Greece or Namibia, China or Colombia, or somewhere completely different; give us a ring and we’ll chat through the options with you to plan an utterly bespoke trip this Spring.


Islands in Greece
Visit Athens in Greece

Island hop around Greece: From Santorini to Sifnos

Lawrence Durell, the English diplomat and writer, spent much of his adult life in Greece. He couldn’t tear himself away. Not from the people, not from the easy simplicity and soft glamour of it all. We’re with Durrell. From the crackling, heady atmosphere of Athens (from the ancient Acropolis to the ultra-modern museum at its base) to the silent beauty of its quieter isles, we return to Greece so often it’s become our office away from the office. That’s why we know it so well.

Honey-dripping loukoumades, fruit-laden lemon trees, the crumbling walls of the Acropolis, and the blue-domed roofs of Santorini; Greece still has the best of civilisation, whether you want to hop the idyllic islands or scale its mountains. For a real dose of glamour, we love the 100-year-old Poseidonian hotel on the exclusive islet of Spetses. Sip a frappe and play a slow game of backgammon at the charming port of Dapia. You can’t beat it. So don’t try.

Our Travel Expert, Barnaby says:

You should go for: 8 days
You should stay at: Grace in Santorini is the ultimate romantic spot for honeymooners visiting this beautiful volcanic island. Think private plunge pools, champagne breakfasts and stylish cocktail bars.
You must see: From the sun-bathed cliffs, watch the annual Spetses classic yacht race play out ahead, admiring the mirage of classic yachts and traditional caique boats in action.

Walk the Great Wall of China

Breakfast on the Great Wall of China

China’s vastness can inspire excitement and anxiety. Where to start? In Beijing’s Wangfujing Snack Street, our expert guides will ply you with comforting dumplings and 1000-year-eggs, before whisking you through millennia of history, landscape and culture. Enjoy breakfast on the Great Wall of China, square off against the Terracotta Army, plunge into the wilderness of the Yangshuo Valley or hike the landscapes of Guangxi; just to name a few.

We’ll introduce you to the incredibly rare experience of cormorant fishing; we’ll walk you along Shanghai’s beautiful waterfront for cocktail hour at the lavish Waldorf Astoria; and on to the genteel traditionalism of Yunnan Province. We’ve worked tirelessly to create a Chinese getaway that melds the serene with the surprising; whether that’s private Taiji lessons or walking on the Great Wall of China.

Our Travel Expert, Rob says:

You should go for: From rice terraces and snow-capped mountains in southwest China to colonial buildings and modern-day life on the east coast; 14 days in China allows you to fully immerse yourself in the culture of this fascinating country.
You should stay at: Surrounded by a sacred forest and scattered with lotus ponds, Amanyangyun in outer Shanghai has been rebuilt, brick by ancient brick, to create a peaceful and alluring sanctuary away from the bustle of the city centre.
You must try: Xi’an cuisine is quietly making inroads across the world. So in its heartland, make sure you try a plate of rich biang biang noodles to see exactly what the fuss is about.

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