Seeking the most untouched, secluded corners of the globe has always been a passion of ours. And whether you’re looking for the solitude of a faraway island or private access to a legendary landmark, we’re able to take you to some of the world’s most exclusive destinations, without the crowds. After all, why should you have to share your special moment with anyone else?

James' Private Proposal

Case-Study-Icon-What-They-EnvisagedWhat they envisaged…

James could think of nothing worse than proposing in public. So when he came to us and stressed that he didn’t want another living soul to witness the special moment between him and his girlfriend, we were confident that we could create the perfect itinerary for him.

Case-Study-Icon-What-We-DeliveredWhat we delivered…

The couple had already planned their winter escape when James inquired about his proposal. They had chosen to visit South Africa and wanted to split their time evenly between the magical city of Cape Town and the safari haven of Kruger National Park.

Table Mountain was the first destination on the couple’s vacation checklist and after discussing this with James, we decided that creating a private proposal experience on top of the mountain could be an interesting way of working around his reluctance to propose amongst a crowd. Once James agreed, one of our African specialists worked tirelessly to create a bespoke and unique experience on one of the world’s most iconic mountains. After plenty of phone calls and some lengthy email threads, we were able to arrange exactly the kind of solitude that James was looking for, with a private, sunset dining experience on the most picturesque tip of the mountain.

On the couple’s second day in the city, they hopped on the cable car and ventured up to the cloud-clothed peak. After a couple of hours exploring the mountain, we arranged for the remaining visitors to catch the cable car back down to the city, leaving just James, his girlfriend and a very discreet waiter on the peak. James led his girlfriend to the secluded dining spot just in time to catch the sunset, where he got down on one knee and proposed with the stunning bay of Cape Town as his backdrop.

Case-Study-Icon-What-They-ThoughtWhat they thought…

“When I inquired with Black Tomato it was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. They organized the perfect itinerary that integrated our love of the outdoors with my need for absolute privacy. Not only did they sympathise with the worries that I had, but they did everything in their power to make sure that my nerves had completely disappeared when it came to the big day and I’m relieved to say that everything went according to plan!”

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