Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor, Siem Reap

Expect to find old-world Cambodian grandeur and elegance aplenty in this luxury hotel. It’s not just the French Indochina decor you’ll be sleeping amongst that make the Grand Hotel d’Angkor a favorite of ours, but the hotel pool replicating the ancient bathing pools of the Khmer Kings certainly add to the hotel’s charm.


The hotel is perfectly equidistant from the international airport and Angkor Wat – they both lie a quick 8k away. Plus, the main market center is only a 10 minute walk so we’d say you’re pretty spoilt location wise. Obviously, the main draw to Siem Reap is the famed Angkor Wat, but that’s not to say the charming city of Siem Reap itself should be neglected. Here you’ll find tree-lined boulevards, markets and delectable food.

Your Room

From the bathrooms equipped with claw-footed baths and separate showers, to the main area of your suite, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the luxury that pervades here. Your abode, in the French Indochina style, will be decked out with local features such as custom-made Cambodian linens, silks and leathers.

Why We Like It

We’re all about making the most of the exotic location you find yourself in, and we feel this extends into the culinary history of a country. That’s why we adore the hotel’s ‘Restaurant Le Grand’ which explores the ancient cuisine of Royal Khmer. As we like to think of ourselves as wine connoisseurs in the making, our favorite part of the dining experience was choosing from the 400 wines the restaurant offers.