The Retreat, Kigali

Bursting with all the vibrancy of Kigali, The Retreat is the perfect springboard into Rwanda. Luxurious to the touch but with an eco-conscious heart, the 11-room boutique hotel stays true to its name amid this cosmopolitan African city. Amid the bright patterns of its fashion scene, the bold prints of the arts and the riot of colors that swarm the market, The Retreat is exactly that; a place you come back to and breathe.


A city not to be underestimated, Kigali is bursting with color, passion and history. At just a twenty minute drive from the International Airport, The Retreat is the place to see it from. Our advice? Spend a day or two getting to know the city with a visit to the poignant Memorial Center to see how far the country has come.

Your Room

Each of the 11 rooms at The Retreat is assuredly Rwandan in their design, but with slick undertones of luxurious Italian design. Private patios open up from bedrooms that boast king-size beds whilst ensuite bathrooms reveal both indoor and outdoor showers. Handwoven textiles in bright colors and patterns bring that final touch to make each room a true retreat.

Why we like it

There is no doubt about it; The Retreat is a hotel that does things differently. Kigali’s first entirely eco-friendly hotel, it is both solar-powered and sustainable. The cuisine too is unquestionably fresh and organic, with Fusion Restaurant bringing together culinary traditions from around the world with farm to table Rwandan ingredients to create meals that both nourish and indulge you.