Tessa Robinson

Rwanda Travel Expert

After a day of gorilla trekking, you’ll want to put your feet up in Rwanda’s finest hotels. Scattered across the country are romantic safari lodges, rustic hotels hidden between volcanoes and contemporary builds in the lively cities; all the perfect bolthole for a luxury vacation to Rwanda.

Tessa Robinson

Rwanda Travel Expert

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Rwanda Highlights

Discover a new world with a luxury vacation to Rwanda. Make the most of your time in the country with helicopters rides and 4X4 journeys, as you travel across the country in search of some of the world’s most unique wildlife.


Rwanda’s years of sorrow during the 1990s have largely faded away, giving the young country space in which to breathe and to reimagine itself. What remains is an invigorating, beautiful country whose natural landscapes, thriving cities, and incomparable wildlife make for a truly unforgettable travel experience. Today, it has become one of Africa’s most luxurious and safest countries for foreign tourists, and offers far more than safari and sun to those who want to find it.


Many travel to Rwanda to track the country’s gorillas, whose intelligence and gentle power still many to silence. Others join tours to the Nyungwe Forest, where over three hundred species of bird caw and call in the wild branches, while chimpanzees bounce and swing on the vines below. This realm, remote and undeveloped, demonstrates the many faces of Rwanda and the riches that can be discovered beyond the tourist trail.


Between forest lodges and urban pads, the luxury hotels of Rwanda offer a comfortable and diverse array of options for intrepid travelers. Kigali’s streets, a necessary and important diversion on your first stay in Rwanda, will give way to the high forest canopy and stately dormant volcanoes which populate the country’s highlands. There will always be a soft bed, a cool breeze, and impeccable service,


For those who are moved by nature, and find the idea of trekking across this lush and eye-opening land, a honeymoon to Rwanda is a no-brainer. Often, these experiences are paired with trips to idyllic Zanzibar or the balmy island of Mauritius. Others stay among the canopies, heading out from Bisate Lodge to trek the stately gorillas of this spectacular, forested region, where – by night – you can enjoy a view of countless stars by the crackling fireside, or else head into the volcano country of Virunga and the bamboo forests that thicken the highlands there.

Rwanda Highlights

Discover a new world with a luxury vacation to Rwanda. Make the most of your time in the country with helicopters rides and 4X4 journeys, as you travel across the country in search of some of the world’s most unique wildlife.


The rich volcanic soil, balmy climates, and thriving culture of Rwanda - not to mention its jaw-dropping natural parks - contribute towards the obvious appeal of this generous and gorgeous country. Its hotels - from city boutiques to volcano lodges - offer great comfort, style, and bountiful service to those who want to explore further into this inviting country.


Kigali is a cultured, bustling and heady city. It has emerged from the 1990s as a proud and progressive city, where startups, sparkling streets, and some of the best coffee in East Africa vie for attention alongside a thriving art scene and the great mountains which loom beyond it. The buzzing of motorbikes and taxis and the pulsing of its warm nights are the perfect accent to its enviable dining scene. The Retreat is the perfect luxury hotel from which to absorb all that Kigali has to offer - a small boutique hotel which sets the scene for the country with its contemporary design and bright colors. Don’t forget the views and cocktails at the Inzora Rooftop Cafe, from which you can appreciate the way in which Rwanda is folded among bucolic hills.


Rwanda’s balmy climate and volcanic soil make it the perfect place to grow coffee. Up in the volcanoes themselves, you’ll get an appreciation for just how bountiful and green this startling country is. Virunga Lodge, atop the broad, terraced hills of the Volcanoes National Park, can be reached by helicopter or 4x4, depending on your preference. Cool, refreshing drinks and excursions into the nearby jungle make this the perfect basecamp for a Rwandan adventure to remember.


Venture into true East African wilderness at Bisate Lodge, which is located in a natural amphitheater of an eroded volcanic cone. Offering moody, dramatic views out over the country’s thriving rainforests, it is from here that you can learn about the environmental principles and culture of rural Rwanda before starting off on your gorilla tracking experience.

  • Population Population 12,100,049
  • Capital Capital Kigali
  • Language Language Kinyarwanda, French, English, Kiswahili
  • Currency Currency Rwandan Franc
  • Time Difference Time Difference GMT+2 | ET+7
  • Expert Tip Expert Tip

    "Explore the volcanic landscapes of the Parc National des Volcans, where you can spot rare Gorillas in their natural habitats"

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