Virunga Lodge, Volcanoes National Park

Virunga Lodge sits atop one of the broad, terraced, hillocks of the Volcanoes National Park, surrounded on all sides by the towering Virunga Mountains and their lightly forested slopes. When you arrive at the hotel, whether by helicopter or by 4X4, you’ll be warmly welcomed by the staff with cool drinks and immediately made to feel right at home in the intimate setting. Later in the evening, when you’ve returned from an excursion into the nearby jungle in search of gorillas and golden monkeys, put up your feet in front of a crackling brazier on the terrace for sweeping views of the mountain-chain, or head to the communal dining area to swap stories. The perfect luxury base for your adventure.


Remote, yet buzzing with activity, the lodge commands a sweeping vista across the Parc National Des Volcans, with the Virunga Mountains to the east and the Ruhondo and Bulera lakes shimmering in the west. Once you’ve been gorilla trekking, you’ll want to make the most out of your remaining time in Rwanda: head up one of the nearby volcanoes, take a trip down to the lakes or go track the Golden Monkeys in the jungle below.

Your Room

The Virunga Lodge specializes in rustic charm, proudly operating on solar power and as such electricity isn’t available during the cool nights. That being said, the hotel has several open fires to warm your toes after a long day’s trekking and you won’t go wanting for the excellent service. The rooms themselves, with stone floors and mosquito-netted four-poster beds, have an explorer aesthetic to complement your experience perfectly.

Why We Like it

We couldn’t rate the Virunga Lodge higher. Besides the excellent gorilla treks and other activities available, the hospitality on offer is a real treat: the hotel sure knows how to spoil their guests. If we were pressed into making a choice, we’d say that our favorite feature is the hotel’s dining area. Rather than seating it’s guests apart on separate tables, you’ll be placed next to one of the lodge’s sixteen other guests. Wherever you’re from and whatever you do, there’s a story to be shared and this is the place to share it.