An Action Packed Hawaiian Island Hop

This 10 night adventure will transport you from the ruggedly beautiful tips of the Haleakala Summit to the crescent-shaped coves and crystal-clear waters of Hawaii’s shores. A luxury beach getaway packed full of adrenaline pumping activities and breath-taking moments such as coastal safaris, sunrise mountain biking excursions through volcanic national parks, and even a wild helicopter ride over the islands. Our travel experts have just returned from these glorious Pacific islands and we could not wait to share their favorite adventures with you; from the surf and endless beaches in Maui, to the remote and laid back feel of Kauai, the dramatic landscape of these volcanic islands holds endless opportunity for the perfect island getaway.

Magical Maui

At your word we’ll whisk you off to Maui, where you will pick up your car and head to the luxurious Andaz beachfront resort. Here you can spend the rest of the day stretching your toes on the 15 km of  sandy shores or cooling down in the crystal clear water. The following day wake up refreshed and raring to go as you embark on the Lahaina Island Safari, where you will snorkel, hike and cruise around the coastline. After exploring all corners of the island you’ll finish the day on top of the Heleakala Crater and watch the sunset from 3,000 meters above the horizon. As you stand high above the clouds that roll like waves off the blue Pacific Ocean, you’ll watch the sunlight illuminate the cinder cones that line the crater. This truly magical experience is a natural wonder unlike any other in the world. Head back to Andaz, rest your head and get ready for an early departure on another breath-taking journey.

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Wake up and stretch your rested limbs about two hours before sunrise – it may be early but trust us, it’s well worth it. After a short ride up to the Heleakala Summit you’ll be given a guided tour of the park for just over an hour. Now at 6500 feet, get ready for a 23 mile sunrise bike ride. With all the necessary equipment, set off on your own and take in the stunning views as the sun clambers higher into the sky and you ride down the tallest peak on the island. Watch as the sun breaks over the cloud and glistens over the Pacific Ocean – this view is something we promise you will never forget. Spend the next few days soaking up the sun, cooking up a storm in a Ka’ana cooking class or paddling out on a guided kayak tour – look out for turtles, dolphins, and even Maui’s famous humpback whale before you set off to explore another of Hawaii’s beautiful islands.

Kick back Kauai Style

A short 45 minute flight and it’s time to set foot on another paradise, Kauai (more remote and laid back than any other island we’ve come across), whose beautiful scenery will quite simply blow you away. Pick up your car and drive up to the St Regis Princeville on the Northshore, where you can take advantage of the softest sands, clearest lakes and rainforests teaming with wildlife. Once you’re settled in and refreshed, head on over to celebrate Polynesia’s rich history, culture and dance with an evening full of local mouth-watering delights – true farm-to-table dining. After dinner let your senses be ignited as you are entranced by flame throwers in a local Kauai fire show.

Tomorrow’s challenge involves hitting the waves and learning from a pro, the Grand Master of surfing himself. Using the legendary Titus technique we know that by the end of the day you’ll be catching those waves in style.

Catch a Bird’s Eye View

Having mastered the waves, the following day will see you taking on the skies in an adventure that will truly be the cherry on the cake of your trip. Step into your own private helicopter and begin the journey with a flight to spectacular Hanapepe Valley, continuing on to Mana Waiapuna, aka “Jurassic Park Falls”. Next it’s up the Olokele Canyon before moving on to the eye-popping Waimea Canyon, the”Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, where you’ll explore many hidden waterfalls. Weather permitting, we’ll visit Mt Waialeale, the heart of the ancient volcano. This is the wettest spot on earth and you’ll be flying right into the center of the crater. With its 5000 foot walls towering above and its 3000 foot waterfalls surrounding you, this will be a truly awe-inspiring finish to your ECO Adventure over the Garden Isle.

After all the jam-packed excitement, take the last few days to completely unwind. Make sure you take a stroll along the beach in the evening as the starry Kauai sky twinkles above you, the perfect ending to your Hawaiian adventure. Home calls, and although we know no one ever likes leaving, we also know you’ll be relaxed, rested and full of amazing memories to share with friends.

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