Sheldon Chalet, Alaska

Welcome to  Sheldon Chalet, a private property at the very summit of the world

Nothing says luxury quite like the spectacle of seclusion. 6,000ft high and accessible only by helicopter, Sheldon Chalet is the very definition. Perched on an isolated nunatak overlooking the vast expanse of Alaska’s Denali National Park, it’s every escapist’s dream adventure. An endless expanse of pristine-powdered terrain stretches before you here and with just 10 people at a time there to experience it, there’s no better way to experience the Alaskan wilderness.


With no neighbors to speak of and an address that reads as a set of coordinates, arriving by road to Sheldon Chalet is certainly not an option. Instead, you’ll take to the skies arriving on the Chalet’s private helipad – just a mere 10 minutes from the summit of Denali. Flying up from Talkeetna, it’s just a two-hour drive, sea to sky, up from Anchorage.

Your Room

A hexagonal feat of engineering genius, Sheldon Chalet brings luxury to the most unlikely of locations. The five rooms each take up a panel of the hexagon, with the sixth dedicated to a shared bathroom. The result is a panoramic view at the foot of your bed that leaves you with a sense of sheer wonder from the moment you wake up. Thick fur throws and luxurious touches prove that life at 6,000ft need not be anything short of the utmost comfort.

Why we like it

A stay at Sheldon is all about the sheer magnitude of experience it offers. This is not a place from which to watch the world go by – but one to get out there and explore it. In a corner of Denali that few others have experienced, join the expert team of guides as you hike, sled and rappel to your heart’s content. What more could you want from an Alaskan adventure? Except, perhaps, the blaze of the Northern Lights? Come September to April, you’ll have that too.

How to combine Sheldon Chalet with a longer trip

All our trips are tailor made, and the experiences you’ll encounter on our website are suggestions only. You can take them as they are, or you can customize them to your heart’s content. Sheldon Chalet makes for a perfect opening or finale to a grand Alaskan journey. Before (or after), you can enjoy such locales as the lush Chugach Mountains (and the impeccable Alyeska), a sailing trip around Prince William Sound, or a whale spotting journey to Harriman Fjord. Others still choose to travel on to Hawaii, pairing all that ice and stone with sand and jungle.

Is Sheldon Chalet suitable for children?

Children are absolutely welcome at Sheldon Chalet. And there is no minimum age for exclusive groups, though those under 10 will not be able to participate in a number of the available activities.

Will I be sharing with other guests?

No. Sheldon Chalet is an entirely private and exclusive ‘buy out’, meaning you’ll have this rarefied bauble of brilliance entirely to yourselves. That also goes for the surrounds of Denali National Park, with only the occasional hiker, climber, and dog-sled team to interrupt those miles and miles of brilliant, undisturbed white.

How do I get to Sheldon Chalet?

There’s only one way to get to Sheldon Chalet, and that’s by helicopter. Naturally, we’ll arrange everything – both your arrival and departure to this secluded, ethereal place in Denali National Park.

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