Zarafa Camp

Zarafa Camp evokes a sense of old-style safari with its four large, luxuriously appointed double or twin ‘marquis style’ tents. The maximum amount of people in the camp at one time is just 8 so you can really get an exclusive taste of Africa.


Zarafa camp is in the North of Botswana overlooking the Zibadiania Lagoon on the East coast of the Selinda Reserve. Being in the Okavenga Delta it is perfectly positioned for incredible wildlife sightings such as giraffes, buffalos and elephants.

your room

Each tent and veranda is enormous (100 square meters in size) and beautifully located along the edge of the forests to take advantage of the spectacular view over the floodplains and savannas. Each tent has a huge bedroom with an en-suite bathroom with copper bath & shower. What makes the place really special is that all the furniture has been specifically designed and handcrafted for the camp, and is composed of recycled ancient hardwoods. Even more eco-friendly, Zarafa Camp runs solely on solar powered energy. The adjoining, comfortable lounge with its private pool rounds off this paradise camp. If you want to sit outside and enjoy the fresh African air and stunning views then go and sit on the veranda shaded by giant broad leafed trees.

In the winter months there is a perfectly handcrafted copper fireplace in your tent incase you are feeling a little bit nippy.

why we like it

We don’t know of any other safari camps in Africa which provide you with an SLR camera for your stay. So, whether you’re sitting in your room or on a game drive,  the SLR is at hand for speedy cheetahs or roaming elephants: nifty. Let’s see have you heard of Kudus or Lechwe? Another highlight of Zarafa Camp is  it’s huge and varied wildlife. This is your chance to see these unusual antelope amongst other amazing animals.

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