Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel, Athens

On a pine-fringed peninsula in the shadow of the Acropolis, Four Seasons Astir Palace brings a revival to the glamor of the Athens Riviera. Where Jackie O and Brigitte Bardot once summered, a new era of luxury has been ushered in by this coast-hugging resort. Set against a backdrop of the iridescent Aegean Sea, 303 rooms, suites and private bungalows await with a whole host more to keep you entertained. Restaurants traverse the world beneath a cerulean sky, yachts set sail for the day from a private jetty and a Spa turns back time to the teaching of Hippocrates in this resort that will never leave you wanting.


Eschewing island life, Four Seasons Astir Palace lies on a peninsula off the Greek mainland, just a 30-minute drive from the ancient wonders of Athens. The result leaves you feeling at the very heart of centuries of history whilst surrounded by every modern luxury. Spend your days in the company of expert archaeologist guides at the Acropolis or sailing in the shadow of the Temple of Poseidon, though with 99 acres, three beaches, two pools and plenty of watersports on offer, you could quite easily never leave Four Seasons Astir Palace.

Your Room

Four Seasons Astir Palace’s 303 rooms have something for every kind of traveler. For families, there’s Nafsika, the beating heart of the hotel, home to a large freeform pool and poolside dining. Whilst for couples, Arion beckons with its soothing tones and sea-facing spa. If it’s privacy you crave, the freestanding bungalows dotted throughout the grounds offer the answer. No matter where you lay your head, all rooms offer outdoor spaces which range from private balconies to private pools. Many look out over the sea and all are beautifully designed. Think polished woods, creamy linens and potted succulents as Aegean casual meets contemporary luxury.

Why we like it

On the doorstep of ancient civilization, it is impossible to ignore the pull of history here. The spa is no exception. Inspired by the teachings of Hippocrates, the spa unites ancient methods and tradition with modern spa culture through their expansive Fountain Room. This vast hydrotherapy zone invites you to ‘take the waters’ just as the Greeks would do and, in so doing, discover Sanus Per Aquam or ‘health through water’.

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