Domes of Elounda, Crete

Take a turn through ancient Greece from the most luxurious of settings as you settle in at Domes of Elounda. Exuding all the rich detail of the past in the light of modern day, you’ll find world-traversing cuisine, pool-toting suites and residences and a mosaic-clad spa. Bringing it all together is CORE. Inspired by the ancient Greek agora, this is a place to gather, share and discover where pop-up food stalls line the streets and contemporary art offers a new perspective on history. There’s even an outdoor cinema. CORE is just the beginning of Domes of Elounda’s curated approach to your stay, however. Whether you travel as a family, a couple, a group of friends, or anything in between, your stay will be bespoke to your every whim.


Once upon a millennia, Crete was a land shrouded in intrigue and mythology. Now, it beckons exploration and, from the golden sands of Mirabello Bay, Domes of Elounda makes the perfect base. Gazing out to the horizon at storied Spinalonga, slung low across the water, a journey through time is encouraged. A short drive away, you’ll find the ancient palace of Knossos – but you’ll also find convivial fishing villages, traditional tavernas and local olive oil producers. The airport, meanwhile, lies just an hour away in Heraklion.

Your room

Each of the 118 suites, residences and villas of Domes of Elounda offers your own private haven. They all open up onto either private pools or jacuzzis, with views out to the gardens and hillsides or across the sea to Spinalonga. Inside, such views are charted through large picture windows, placed just so as to chase the sun’s continual arc across the sky and flood the room with warmth and light. Adding further warmth are the rich, earthen tones whilst contemporary furnishings bring luxury. Every option is spacious, however the residences are hard to rival with two, three or four bedrooms, private pools and horizon-reaching sea views.

Why we like it

Domes of Elounda is sleek and sophisticated, perfect for couples looking to escape and explore. But it is also warm and inviting, making it equally well suited to families looking to cherish and discover. The hotel’s bespoke approach puts particular emphasis on its younger guests – and not just through tailored menus and dedicated facilities, but through carefully curated experiences too. We loved spending time at the KiEpos Greek Garden where children are invited to plant and cultivate produce, learning lessons of sustainability and healthy eating as they go. Each plant is labelled with your child’s name, meaning that even after your stay has come to an end, their journey continues with regular updates sent on how their crop is faring.

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