Parilio, Paros

Glimpsed through a haze of morning light, against the arid landscapes of the Greek idyll of Paros, Parilio softly comes into focus. Grand columns connect celestial archways in a move of bold masonry that evokes traditional Greek architecture, but also a sense of sanctuary. Step inside and feel the world simply fall away with 33 suites that soothe the soul, a restaurant centerd on Parian cuisine that nourishes it and a subterranean spa which revitalizes it.


Lying sunsoaked and seductive on Paros’s northeastern coast, Parilio is at home amid the island’s pine-fringed coves and whitewashed fishing villages. A 30-minute drive from the local airport and you’ll feel the bounds of time loosen. With a name that pays tribute to Helios, the Greek God of sunshine – and a crucifix shaped pool perfect for worshipping him from – we’re convinced that the sun really does shine that little bit brighter at Parilio.

Your Room

Sunshine penetrates every aspect of life at Parilio and the 33 suites are no exception. Each features private outdoor space, ranging from terraces and jacuzzis to plunge pools, and each takes its name from a celestial being. Beyond the bold exterior, a neutral color palette warmed by earthen tones of russet and ochre and pieces of modernist Greek art sets the tone. Flooded with light and opening up onto views of the gardens, or Kolympithres Bay in the case of the Uranus Suites, we love starting the day with breakfast out on the private terrace, breathing in the gentle scent of pine.

Why we like it

The architecture of Parilio is unmistakably Greek – but so too is the cuisine. Not only for its flavors (the salatouri is not to be missed) but for its ethos. It is an ethos which has a love for good, honest food at its core but also one by which how that food is enjoyed, is just as important. Whether you dine at Mr E or the Pool Bar, dishes are designed to be shared. In doing so, you feel a spark of connection, both with those whom you dine with as with the landscapes that inspire your plate.

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