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Copenhagen, Denmark Black Tomato


Culturally rich and effortlessly hip - Denmark is a fascinating country that begs to be explored. For foodies Copenhagen is the new culinary mecca with a host of innovative and world-renowned restaurants to choose from.

Snowy trees in Finnish Lapland


Whether you’re in pursuit of the Northern Lights and a snowy adventure or have always fancied a quintessential Scandinavian summer by the lake, Finland will provide you with all you want and so much more.



Bubbling, whirring, steaming below the surface, Iceland is a landscape of exploding geysers, bubbling lava, sensual hot pools and thundering waterfalls. Dip in and discover an island that is as phenomenal as it is fiery.

Frozen lake in Sweden | Black Tomato


Stunning, sophisticated and brimming with character, Sweden is sure to keep you entertained and inspired. From the beautiful, crisp countryside to the bustling cities, get set to explore this Scandinavian wonder.

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