Each of us at Black Tomato has an ever-growing Bucket List. Every day we come face to face with yet more inspiring images, more stories and vibrant footage on the television, the internet, in books, of places we’ve yet to visit, or places we want to return to and see from a different perspective. It’s what we refer to as our ‘every day inspiration’ and this year in particular, we’ve found ourselves inspired by the Grand Prix. When we’ve not been admiring the twists and turns of drivers like Nico Rosberg, we’ve been inspired to visit the cities that this iconic race descends upon.

So, in recognition of this ‘every day inspiration’, and since it’s Nico Rosberg in particular that had us glued to the races in the first place, we’ve decided to look at the ‘Power of 6’ – the lucky number emblazoned on the man in questions shirt, and thus the number of carefully curated city guides we’ve created just for you. With a little help from our friends at Tumi, we’ve also added some handy tips on how to travel in style. Luxury city breaks always deserve a little attention to detail when it comes to packing, after all.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is your first step to becoming a global citizen.