Why you should go here

Africa’s crown jewel, South Africa has the landscapes, sassy cities, world class wine, and that indomitable, adventurous African spirit to make it as colourful as it is wild and as diverse as it is unique. What will you discover?

South Africa

South Africa

When you think of South Africa you think wildlife and wine. At least we do…But with a whole world in one country, here is a nation packed to the brim with diversity and adventure that can be found round every corner, that’s if you’re willing to take a closer look…

From the sassy urban playground of Cape Town where laid back vibes are played out in rising artsy neighbourhoods that rival London or New York, to the dramatic outlawed landscapes of the Drakensburg mountain range, we’re refuelling our passion for this classic safari and holiday destination.

So take a gander at our exclusive new trips that will have you diving with whale sharks, soaring over the plunging escarpments of the Drakensberg’s, or galloping over miles of the Cape’s secret coastline. The wine of course can come after.