Far from being a wasteland of endless ice and snow, a luxury holiday – though it is better to say ‘expedition’ – to the Arctic and Antarctic will reveal worlds of unimaginable diversity and life; from the Emperor Penguins of Deception Island to the Arctic fringes of Lofoten and Greenland. For many, travel to these otherworldly destinations has seemed an impossibility – little more than a dream. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to step upon these truly sensational landscapes, and to learn what life is like on the Great White Continents: and one of Earth’s final frontiers.


Taking a plunge into the Arctic Circle is what many people only dream of, but at Black Tomato we can make it become a reality. In the bleak wilderness of Svalbard, you’ll carve through uncharted territories, weaving by ski between isolated glaciers and mountain peaks. Accompanied by a dedicated Arctic expert, you’ll spend your days learning the ropes of Arctic survival, from campfire cooking and polar bear patroling to tent pitching in snowstorms.


For a limited time throughout the year (don’t worry, we’ll tell you when), Antarctica’s ice sheet will act as your adventure playground. Cosying up on the chic Magellan Explorer, you’ll cruise past azure icebergs and playful penguin colonies before taking to the water via sea kayak to suss out Glacier Alley. Onshore with our best polar guide, you’ll step into the icy unknown as you spy on leopard seals lurking under ice shelves, humpbacks breaching in the water and seabirds searching for food.

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