Luxury Holidays in the Arctic & Antarctica

“Glittering white, shining blue, raven black… the land looks like a fairy-tale”

Follow in the footsteps of the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and experience the dream-like beauty of this frozen realm for yourself. Unknown heights, unchartered depths, and unnamed tracts of land. Antarctica is a world still to be discovered. Kayak through Glacier Valley and spot whales from glittering polar summits, before swimming off the dramatic shores of Deception Island and its unusually warm waters. Here, you’ll experience an Antarctic cruise on your very own expedition vessel. Fancy another journey? Head to its enticing northern counterpart: the Arctic Circle. From diving between tectonic plates at Silfra to swimming with humpback whales beneath the midnight sun. An Arctic voyage is the perfect way to embrace your inner explorer.

This is a place for those seeking the unusual. Something different, something truly new. Whether you’re quad biking across black sand beaches at Reynisfjara, trying your hand at archery and axe throwing at the Viking settlement of Borg, or searching for polar bears at night in Svalbard. On one of our bespoke trips to Antarctica and Arctic circle tours, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Hunt for the ethereal glow of the Northern Lights. Or for wild salmon – it’s completely up to you.

Whatever your preference, we’ll take you on an eye-opening journey through the dazzling White Continent. Whether by boat, sleigh, snowmobile, or helicopter, our Travel Experts will quite literally take you to the ends of the earth. From building your own igloo to staying in a chic cabin atop an Arctic fjord. We’ll take you on overnight husky adventures and lobster and shellfish safaris. Ready to embark on your polar adventure?


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