Elbow Beach

With the exquisite Bermudian scenery, what other choice do you have than staying in an equally jaw dropping hotel? It’s only fitting, right? Located on Bermuda’s southern shore, rest your head in one of the Mandarin Oriental’s 98 suites. If you can’t get enough of the alluring Atlantic, then dine on the rosy beaches themselves and look out over the big blue. Here, you can kiss goodbye to your daily concerns as life takes on a much more serene pace. The only concern you’ll have is the decision of whether to spend your time kicking back by the pool, or on one of Bermuda’s peachy beaches. It’s a tough life.


Hidden away on a private stretch of Bermuda’s shoreline, Elbow Beach Bermuda is less than a five minute journey from Bermuda’s capital and hub, Hamilton. The airport, set in the quaint colonial town of St. George (which, speaking of, makes for a lovely day trip) is an easy, half-hour drive.


Wind your way through Elbow Beach Bermuda’s perfectly pruned gardens to the secluded suites filled with modern interiors. For that pre-dinner read, either settle down amongst the airy, light decor of your abode, or perhaps the ocean views from your private patio will do you better. Or, make one of the private cottages boasting exposed beams and fireplaces your home. For a breath of super fresh Bermudian air nip outside into your private garden or to your outdoor rainforest shower.


When on holiday it’s a right of passage to hit the spa. Besides, how could you enjoy the serene atmosphere when you’re not in a physical and mental state of utter tranquillity? We have fallen head over heels for the ocean views from the spa’s six private balconies, complete with bamboo flooring. On an unrelated note, being foodies, the luxury of being able to pick from one of the hotel’s four restaurants is always a bonus.

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