The Huaorani Ecolodge, Ecuador

Out in Ecuador’s remote Oriente region, hidden deep inside the tropical, lush Amazon rainforest lays the award-winning Huaorani Ecolodge and its exclusive five rooms. Run by the thousand year old, indigenous Huaorani tribe, the Ecolodge charmingly reflects its natural jungle surroundings and is an intimate cluster of palm-roofed huts, built from local timber and modestly embellished with authentic Amazonian features. Offering a truly raw, cultural experience, you’ll see one of earth’s most undiscovered places through the eyes of some of the planet’s most isolated ethnic communities – now that’s a life-changing adventure.


Only accessible by a 45 minute flight from the Shell Mera airfield, followed by a short canoe paddle down the Shiripuno River, the Huaorani Ecolodge defines remoteness as it sits secluded at the Western perimeter of the Amazon rainforest. Once in the jungle, you’ll become at one with nature as you follow the tribe’s way of life, from its hiking and hunting to its canoeing and cooking.

Your Room

Cabins are built using traditional Huaorani techniques and materials, which allow for a harmonious balance between Ecolodge and jungle. Cosy and authentic, cabins are a truly comfortable stay, set in the most exotic and untrodden of locations. Equipped with hot water en-suite bathrooms, cabins are not completely basic and you can lie in a hammock on your private porch after a day out kayaking, where you’ll sit back and simply hear the Amazon’s magical nature sounds. Functional using solar power, it is no surprise that the Ecolodge showcases an environmentally friendly policy.

Why We Like It

We love nature and the Huaorani Ecolodge experience is really one of a kind as you explore the mysteries of the Amazon under the guidance of its very own inhabitants. These welcoming and enthusiastic local people will open your eyes to a very different way of life, as you enjoy their tribal dances and try your hand at throwing a hunting spear. The sacred waterfall trek we would highly recommend, where you are sure to see a variety of weird and wonderful wildlife en route.

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