Seascape Annandale, Pigeon Bay

Annandale. Would it be too dramatic to call this heaven on earth? Maybe, but it’s definitely close. An ultra-modern retreat and the ultimate spot for a romantic getaway – the lodge is discreetly nestled within dramatic surroundings and, since it can only sleep two people at a time, is the definition of intimacy.


Sitting in a private bay, Seascape is known as the jewel in Annandale’s crown and can only be accessed by helicopter or 4X4. This is a truly unique location, with sea views stretching out ahead and rugged landscapes all around. Since it’ll just be you and your loved one, you’ll feel like you’re the only two people left on earth – an incredible feeling, trust us. Look out for dolphins and seals frolicking in the waters before you, unaware that anyone has come to join them in this remote haven.

Your room

Huge glass windows invite the outside in, and offer you a gorgeous view out across the bay. The contemporary furnishings keep the feel modern and luxe, whilst the open fires and lamb’s wool blankets add an element of cosiness for those chilly nights. You really get a sense that every element of decor has truly been pondered over to give guests the best experience possible, and tonight, you’re the beneficiary.

Why we like it

We absolutely love the privacy and seclusion of Seascape, of course, but perhaps even more than that, we loved the food. A private chef works up a menu with the guests to ensure a thoroughly memorable culinary experience, and memorable it is. Dig in.

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