“Over the years, Australia has become synonymous with scorched red sands, bright coral reefs and sun-kissed beaches. What keeps us coming back isn’t the ordinary – it’s the extraordinary. Sleeping out beneath the stars of the outback, shucking for oysters in Tasmania and whiling away the hours over lunches in Eagle Bay, this is what makes a luxury tailormade holiday to Australia so irresistible.”

Cook Islands

Cook Islands

Castaway in the far reaches of the world, the Cook Islands cannot be beaten when you simply need to switch off and get away from it all. Washing up on these untouched shores amid a remote cluster of cayes and atolls, you get a sense of being in a place where lost is better than found and isolation is better than cosmopolitan. A luxury holiday in the Cook Islands is your own castaway paradise.


Greeted with a warm and heartfelt ‘Bula’ every time we touch down on these picture-perfect shores, Fiji is our favourite escape from the everyday. Forget endless scrolling and emails loading. Now you’re on island time – chatting to fishermen about the waters, summit the peaks of Milford Track, and tuck into a traditional lovo meal – a banquet cooked under the earth.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia

Tucked away at the ends of the earth, French Polynesia, to us, feels like a lost paradise that we have been fortunate enough to discover. So much more than the sum of its parts, the beauty of French Polynesia lies not just in its effervescent coral reefs, its isolated beaches or its verdant jungles. For us, a luxury holiday in French Polynesia is all about discovery as you play castaway and forget the world for a week or two.

New Zealand

“The perfect contradiction, New Zealand is a place to catch your breath before losing it all over again. A landscape renowned the world over, crammed full of natural thrills and adrenaline-fuelled pursuits. Just keeping your feet on the ground is no mean feat. Still, a luxury holiday in New Zealand offers more than just high-octane adventure; it offers cosmopolitan cities, a fascinating ancient culture – and a big serving of truly unfettered freedom.”

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