Have you met Studio Black Tomato?

Since our launch in 2005 we’ve always searched for the ‘travel fuel’ that influences people to go away; anything from fashion, music, people and lifestyle. But people don’t just come to Black Tomato for a holiday. In 2012 after luxury and lifestyle brands started approaching us for white-labelled campaigns and partnerships, Studio Black Tomato was born. 

Studio Black Tomato produce award-winning content, brand strategy and media campaigns for some of the biggest luxury, lifestyle and travel brands in the world. From film for Cadillac, Hamilton, American Airlines, Belmond, and Bulgari through to design and brand strategy for One&Only, The Saxon and various ambitious lifestyle start-ups. The team of strategists, creatives, copywriters, photographers and filmmakers help brands spark deep-rooted connections and long-lasting brand loyalty through the culture that resides in a brand’s audience.

Nick Ford-Young, Head of Studio

“Instead of speaking about the shallow characteristics of archetypes, we believe in focusing on the culture that both embodies and surrounds an audience. Only by letting go of the labels and categories that restrict us and instead embracing and plugging into the culture around us, can we create meaningful and lasting connections.”


Last month Studio Black Tomato published their White Paper ‘Cultural Authority: The Real Luxury’.  The aim of this paper is to challenge the current definition of the term ‘luxury’ and question the existing beliefs and terminology around the buzzwords within the marketing world. It looks at the outdated way demographics are used, to show instead how brands should be aiming to reach cultural authority. 

Get access to the full paper and much more here.