Oli Haukur Myrdal

Oli is a talented commercial and landscape photographer from Reykjavik, where he operates his company Ozzo Photography. With years of experience in the industry, he merges his lifelong passion for photography and travelling by exploring Iceland and the rest of the world in search of the perfect images and video. His images of winterscapes and night photography have been widely recognised in both local and international media and we can never get enough of watching his stunning footage.


Ozzo has come along way from his first drone (which consisted of a Phantom 1 DJI, a Sony DCR 100 and a roll of duct tape) and is now forever pushing boundaries to get the absolute best shots – we’re talking tales of sub-arctic temperatures, swimming with crocodiles and almost being caught inside an erupting volcano – if you’re looking for one of the most committed drone photographers out there, you’ll find it in Ozzo. To book a trip with Ozzo get in touch with our travel experts today.