This year is all about setting off for unknown territories, and discovering exhilarating destinations that capture the imagination. So, with this in mind we’ve set our sights on Réunion Island. An undiscovered gem planted in the midst of the Indian Ocean, where active volcanoes, stretches of sandy beaches and towering peaks in a carpet of forest, is the setting for new adventures. On this ten day trip we’ll show you all this wondrous place has to offer, from hair-raising rides in the tropical wilderness, to experiencing the colours and unique visions of the aquatic world.

Begin your Indian Ocean escapade as soon as you touch down on Réunion Island, where you’ll be met with views over the lush green hills and soaring escarpments and whisked off to Le Palm Resort and Spa, a luxurious yet discreet retreat nestled in between sugar cane plantations and fronted by the rugged coastline and the ocean.

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Explosive ventures

After the previous day’s recuperation, you’ll traverse your way up the Piton de la Fournaise Volcano. Situated in the southeast corner of Réunion Island, Piton de la Fournaise stands at a whopping 2,631 meters and is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. After an early start you’ll arrive at the mighty peak just as the sun is creeping over the horizon, a breath-taking view and Kodak moment.

After a 5 hour hike you’ll reach the main crater where you can behold the truly outstanding powers of Mother Nature. Come face to face with the crater where you can even walk down and be meters away from the caverns. As the sun comes down it’s time to head west back to your bolthole, The Palm for some well-deserved relaxation and pampering.

We like to show you every tip of these wondrous destinations so next, you will drive to the northern tip of the island, to discover the Lava road. A private guide will take you into the depth of the earth, into the underground lava tunnels where you can discover the untouched beauty of this unusual natural formation.

A natural water world

Next, it’s time to drive to the East of the Island past flowering sugar plantations and deep tropical forests. This region is known for its rugged landscapes littered with waterfalls and rivers, so what better way to see the spoils of the area than on an aqua-hike. Hike for a short while, passing waterfalls and sliding down natural waterslides and when you fancy a dip, body raft down the gently sloping rapids. From here we’ll introduce you to your final hotel, LUX * ile de la Réunion. This place that’s high on our wish list epitomizes beach side chic at its best. At this laid back bolthole, spend your days lazing under swaying palm trees and sip cocktails as the sun sinks below the horizon. Or, for the younger (or young hearted) members of the group, the pop up retro ice cream carts and on beach cinema make for the ideal afternoon activity.

Take to the skies

After a restful night’s sleep to the lulling sounds of the crashing waves, it’s time to soar over the islands on a paraglide with a guide at hand to steer you along. Sit back and feel the wind take you higher as you take in the staggering beauty – you’ll feel like you’ve reached the edge of the earth before gliding silently over the expansive coral reefs and touching down on the soft sands of the beach. Once back down to earth you can discover the beauty of the coral reef of St Leu as you paddle through the azure waters in a transparent kayak before being whisked off for lunch at the quaint local restaurant in the village.
If you need to relax those muscles then you’re in the right place, the hotel’s spa has a range of therapies to soothe your woes away. Or if the adrenalin from the day before has given you a taste for flying, you have the option to take to the skies in your very own chopper. Soar over the islands cirques, volcano, lagoons and Jurassic Park landscape. The choice is yours.

Make a splash

Now you’ve seen the island from above, today a scuba diving expert will take you deep into the depths of the volcanic underwater sensations of this unique island. Immerse yourself in the mysterious aquatic world of colours and wildlife with a wide variety of coral and tropical fish that will make your eyes wide with wonder.

Last but not least

To see the island in all its glory for one last time we’ll arrange a quad biking trip down the green slopes where the air is fresh and the views over the rolling hills out into the blue horizon are pretty spectacular.
Spend you last day experiencing the tropical sandy shore fringed with palm trees.. Take it easy, flopping on the sands or taking a dip in the warm waters. For your last evening head back to the hotel to dine under the stars; the perfect end to your memorable trip on Réunion Island.