This was our client’s first ever experience with using Black Tomato to plan a trip and, as this was for him and his wife’s 30th wedding anniversary, we knew it was one where we would have to pull out all the stops. Our client let us know that he had personally planned their last big anniversary himself, and it’s safe to say that it didn’t quite go to plan on that occasion. This time round though, he didn’t want to take any risks – so he called in the experts.


It was made clear that this needed to be a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ trip while, at the same time, making sure his wife was swept off her feet at every possibility. He was unsure where exactly he wanted them to go, though he preferred somewhere warm, with the romance of a city akin to London or Paris, as well as being in touch with nature and among stunning landscapes. He didn’t just want a great vacation. He wanted something that would blow them away.


After discussing it with the team, Argentina proved to be the winner and actually couldn’t have been a better destination for this request. With the bustling atmosphere in fashionable Buenos Aires, the passion of the people and their proud culture and, of course, the pure expanse of spectacular scenery in Patagonia. The client was keen to enjoy lots of special experiences where they could spend some quality time together, and we didn’t disappoint. Being interested in shopping, and with his wife having a keen eye for design, we arranged for a personal shopper to accompany them for the day in Buenos Aires, taking them to the very best boutiques in the city. Having been told that the culinary aspect of the trip would be particularly important for them, we also arranged for them to spend a fun evening with some locals, learning how to create a real ‘asado’, a traditional Argentine BBQ. They enjoyed a night of music and plenty of the finest meat and wine that Argentina is famous for.

 To satisfy his desire for the extra-ordinary, and to be blown away, we didn’t want them to stay in just another luxury hotel. It needed to be much more than that. So, we decided to create a very unique Blink camp at an intimate location by the side of a river in the Manso Valley in Bariloche – somewhere that no one had ever stayed before and, ultimately, never will again. As we knew that they were keen to not waste time travelling long distances from place to place, we arranged for them to arrive in style by flying over the scenic Andean mountains and lakes by private helicopter – only fitting for a trip that we’re sure will live long in the memory.

This was the best vacation we’ve had in our lives. It was perfectly organised to the last detail from the time we landed until we took off. Ten days of fun, beauty, shopping, excitement, entertainment, and most importantly privacy for both of us. Just the two of us 24x7x10 days. Something we have not done in a long time. I can go on and on about the trip but the most important for me was my wife was completely swept off her feet every single day and she just loved every moment of the trip.

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