A Southern Adventure

If you’re looking for a winter warmer, there are few better options than an escape down under to South Australia to enjoy that infamous Aussie summer. Imagine…stunning coastlines, paradisaical secluded islands, cosmopolitan cities, mountainous landscapes brimming with wildlife…we could go on and on, but we’ll stop there. Instead, we’ve combined all of the above and come up with an all-encompassing itinerary, just for you. It’s a trip that will ensure you make the most of your time in one of the most fascinating destinations on the planet. From beach hideaway to urban exploration, it’s time to swap those woolly jumpers for some beach wear and leave the northern hemisphere behind you…

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An Island Escape

Arriving in Sydney, you’ve only got a short connecting flight to Lord Howe Island before you can relax and recuperate from your long journey. Now, how to describe this extraordinary slice of heaven… This little known landmass lies just off the east coast of Australia and with a population of less than 400, its soothing tranquility is the perfect antidote to those every day stresses (and jet lag, of course). Blanketed in lush green forests and home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches, Lord Howe Island is a hub of biodiversity that has often been compared to the Galapagos. We know, exciting right? You’ll spend your days here lounging on bright white sands and exploring the stunning walking trails that are laced around the island. It’s what the clear blue waters of the Tasmanian Sea have in store for you, however, that make a stay on this island a truly unique experience. Some of the world’s best diving sites, courtesy of the incredibly beautiful collection of coral reefs that surround the island, home to innumerable species of fish, are only a short boat ride away and you’ve even got the opportunity to view the world’s most southerly coral reef. Believe us, as soon as you dip that mask below the water, you’ll be astounded by the explosion of colour and life that spreads out below you for as far as the eye can see (which is pretty far, considering the clarity of the water). Above or below the surface, time on Lord Howe Island is time well spent.

Vast Valleys

After a few days getting to know the true meaning of paradise on Lord Howe Island, it’s time to fly back to the mainland and embark on a private scenic transfer to Wolgan Valley, Australia’s very own Jurassic Park. You’ll notice immediately the atmospheric blue haze that hangs over the valleys (a natural phenomenon that occurs when light reflects off the eucalyptus oil in the air) as you make your way to your luxury encampment, the Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa. Here you’ll settle in to your very own Heritage Suite and decide upon which of the complimentary touring activities you want to experience. To make the most of your time at this Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage site (two world heritage sites already, you can’t say we don’t spoil you) we’d recommend heading off on a walking tour, as well as getting involved in some wildlife spotting. With Kangaroos, Wallabies and an array of native Australian bird species all in abundance in this incredible wilderness, you’re sure to see the very best of Australia’s wildlife, but just make sure you’re back in time for sunset drinks to catch orange tinted views over this unique landscape.

The Best of Melbourne

So, you’ve done Aussie wilderness, what’s next? Well, from Sydney airport we’ll fly you down to Melbourne where you’ll pick up your rental car and hit the highway on a drive to Mornington Peninsula, lying just outside of the city. You’ll be staying in utter seclusion at the Big Blue Backyard, where romantic hideaways offer quiet luxury, and with the Peninsula Hot Springs on your doorstep; we’ll provide you with a double bathing pass that will have you experiencing absolute relaxation as you let the natural thermal waters wash over you.

No doubt, after your time spent on empty pristine beaches, exploring vast forested landscapes and relaxing at a world class spa, you’ll be more than ready to uncover Australia’s Urban offerings, so, without further ado, it’s time to jump back in that car and get yourselves over to the city of Melbourne. Here you’ll be staying at the Park Hyatt, a luxurious bolthole that’s centrally located and a perfect base from which to explore this famous city. Melbourne is the epitome of unique – it oozes an individual style, with secret laneways to wander and numerous suburbs to discover. We’ll arrange a private city tour to help you get to grips with Melbourne’s quirky culture and in no time at all you’ll understand how life in this cosmopolitan city revolves around food, fashion, beaches and sport. An unbeatable combination, in our opinion.

And the perfect end to your Australian adventure? Well, it had to be on a beach, didn’t it? While away the last few hours of your time down under at St Kilda beach and watch the kite-surfers skim across the waters as you catch some last rays of sunshine before your return back to those winter winds.

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