Santa Teresa Hotel, Rio de Janeiro

With panoramic views of the city below, Santa Teresa Hotel, located on the top of Teresa Hill next to the centre of Rio is the perfect destination for a luxurious city break. The hotel is located on the outskirts of the city and is a refuge of peace and tranquillity. Built on a colonial farm site in the aristocratic area, this boutique hotel was restored with elegance and refinement to become an exclusive retreat decorated with a tropical design. With its Carioca charm and modern deco design it is the perfect romantic adobe. It has 40 suites all designed in a different fashion to create the unique feel of the hotel.


Situated in Santa Teresa, Rio, this picturesque neighbourhood is not short of things to do. The area is artistic and filled with colonial and neoclassical styled mansions from the late 19th century and is host to cobblestoned pavements, charming shops, cultural spaces, quaint squares and museums. This is the perfect destination for those looking for a new and unspoiled side to Rio. The hotel itself has a pool where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings, an elegant spa which is the perfect tropical haven and a restaurant which oozes sophistication and style and offers guests a taste of the Brazilian cuisine. Located just half an hour away in our private transfer from Santos Dumont Airport, you’ll never want to leave this elegant abode.


The suites all have panoramic views of the city below and are designed by the world’s most famous designers. Each suite is unique and offers a tropical and classic design which brings Brazil’s rich past and dynamic present together using the finest natural elements such as luxury linen, wild cotton, coconut and banana tree fibres and tropical woods. The suites have magnificent bathrooms where you can relax and reflect on your perfect day and offer a spacious haven.


The pool lounge surrounded by the tropical gardens is our favourite, with stunning views of the pool and surrounding green foliage this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some of the hotels delicious and exquisite wine as well as enjoying the live music and meeting some of the well-known artists. If you are looking for romance head down to the bar Dos Descasados to watch the sunset over the glistening city – a unique experience never to be forgotten.

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