Chile and Antarctica: Set Foot on Polar Landscapes

Embark on a journey of discovery to Antarctica with our Epic Tomato team, the expedition-led adventure offering from Black Tomato. Face new challenges and test your limits on a pioneering bespoke adventure with our expert guides and expedition leaders. Journey to the end of the world on our most southerly expedition, which will transport you to the planet’s least explored continent. Here you will venture by ski and sled through regions that only a handful of people have ever travelled through, taking in the imposing granite Pinnacles of the Pirit Hills region and the dramatic Independence Mountains.

acclimatization in a whitewashed land

Kick off your southern adventure in the Chilean capital of Santiago, where you can visit the many fascinating museums and galleries or head to the Bellavista neighborhood known as the artsy hub of the city. From Santiago you’ll fly further south for a few days of glacier exploration in the wilds of Patagonia.

Flying in from Patagonia, you will land on Antarctica’s permanently frozen ice blue runway in Patriot Hills at 80 degrees south – only 10 degrees from the South Pole itself. In a land where the sun never sets for half the year, you will spend your first day acclimatizing to the otherworldly environment of Antarctica, bathed in 24-hour daylight. After your first night out in the polar elements, your guides will instruct you on the specialist polar equipment and skills that you will need to complete your expedition. You will then spend time getting to grips with the pack sled hauling and cross-country skiing techniques that will provide your key methods of travel.

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Aerial views and the Pirit Hills

Once all of the equipment has been loaded onto a light aircraft, you will take a short flight towards the Pirit Hills, giving you the chance to enjoy an aerial view of the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Ellsworth Mountains, the Independence Range and vast plains of completely untouched terrain – which will be your only company for the next 10 days. The Pirit Hills have had very few visitors and have never been fully explored. Your trip will be a journey into the unknown and will demand an extensive range of Polar survival skills, so your expert guides will instruct you on techniques such as how to build emergency shelters, navigate safely across crevasses and a vast range of other skills that you will need to draw upon during the course of your expedition.

untrodden snows

For the next five days you will journey across the interior of Antarctica, hauling a sled or using cross country skis as you navigate through mesmerizing vistas, where dramatic granite rock pinnacles pierce through the seemingly endless sea of snow and ice. En route you will have a real possibility of discovering fossils and fallen meteorites that scar the landscape and you will also be able to scale previously unclimbed peaks within the dramatic Independence Mountain range.

The sense of achievement when you finally arrive back at Patriot Hills will be incredible. You will have safely completed a true polar expedition and will have explored one of the most geographically and climatically extreme environments on Earth, accessing places that no-one has ever been before.

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