Hotel boutique sazagua

Named in honour of the region’s early civilization, the Boutique Hotel Sazagua reflects the early coffee history with its colonial architecture, wooden structures, wide corridors and vivid colors. With just 10 rooms, the hotel is still larger than life with beautiful gardens and a spa made from large river rocks. Where else can you find that?


Whether you’re looking for city living or country life, Sazagua is the perfect spot. Just a short drive from Pereira, spend your days either relaxing by the pool, gardens or shopping and sightseeing in Pereira. The best part? It’s right in the Coffee Region, so you can explore the best of Coffee preparation and have a taste of the local brew without having to travel far.

your room

Choose between three room types; either live in the lap of luxury in the Principal Suite or for something cosier, a standard double is the perfect fit. Either way, you’re guaranteed some beautiful local artwork adorning the walls and bold colours all around.

why we like it

We love Sazagua for its gastronomic repertoire. It offers incredible international, as well as authentic Colombian, cuisine and the menu is always evolving so your options are truly endless. All you sun-lovers will no doubt find yourselves down by Sazagua’s wonderful pool on a hot afternoon, and curling up next to the fireplace with a glass of wine or a cup of Colombian coffee is a glorious way to end a day.

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