Odzala Discovery Camps, Congo

Paradise comes in all shapes and sizes – it’s not all about uncharted private islands. No, Odzala Discovery Camps are a whole other side of paradise. A leafy green paradise where you can get closer to nature than ever before. These three gorgeous camps in North-West Congo are all about stripped back luxury and discovering your inner explorer. From gorilla tracking at Ngaga to kayaking down the Lekoli at Mboko and wading through Lango bai, this really is adventure at its purest. Discover mighty Western Lowland Gorillas, playful Forest Elephants and flamboyant African Grey Parrots as you delve deep into the luscious forests of Odzala-Kokua National Park.

Ngaga Camp

This beautiful camp lies just outside the National Park, nestled amongst the dense Ndzehi Forest. Built using natural materials, such as woven raffia palms, the six rooms of Ngaga seamlessly blend into the surrounding forest with unspoilt views over the canopy. All three camps offer different experiences and Ngaga is undoubtedly gorilla central. Spend your days here on gorilla tracking expeditions where a skilled local tracker will interpret subtle clues on the forest floor to find these beautiful creatures. But conservation is key; the Western Lowland Gorilla is critically endangered and so spend some time with the research team whose passion for protection is truly infectious.

Lango Camp

This mesmerising camp is guaranteed to bring out your inner child as you explore the labyrinthine camp walkways that create a magical treehouse-like atmosphere. The six rooms here are built high up in the dense forest and with stunning 360 degree views of Lango bai from a wraparound balcony, you will truly feel at one with nature. Lango Camp is the perfect place for a literal splash of adventure, with activities here ranging from kayaking down Lekoli River to wading up Lango Bai. Whichever you choose, be prepared to come back a little muddier and a little damper than when you left, but that’s nothing a hot shower in your en-suite can’t fix. So get stuck in (literally) as you discover the wildlife-rich riverine forests of Lango, home to Bongos, Sitatungas and Red River Hogs as well as a myriad of colourful birds.

Mboko Camp

The largest of the three camps, Mboko is perfect for families, with two of the 12 rooms sleeping up to four people. Each of the canvas cabins are built alongside the Lekoli River, a favourite watering hole of Forest Elephants, so don’t be surprised to walk out onto your private deck and spot one down below. The camp is also full of lovely little nooks to unwind in and share stories at the end of the day. We absolutely love the River Deck on the Lekoli where you can feel the rigours of jungle life melt away, with your toes in the water and a drink in your hand. Bliss. In the evenings, head down to the star deck where you can enjoy a drink around the fire pit before a mouthwatering dinner overlooking wide open grasslands.