Havgrim Seaside Hotel 1948, Faroe Islands

Picture this. You’ve slept soundly all night and as the morning light creeps in, begin to stir to the sound of waves rushing over a rocky shoreline. Drawing back the curtains, only Nolsoy fjord and charming farmsteads lie ahead. This is what life looks like from Havgrim Seaside Hotel 1948. A charming 14-room outpost in the Faroe Islands’ capital of Torshavn, what used to be the Commodore’s House now makes for the perfect introduction to life on the islands with picturesque views from every corner.


With the historic fort of Skansin on one side and the quaint town of Torshavn on the other, many locals regard this revered house as having the best location in town. Sitting atop a rocky promontory, the views are unrivalled and bring with them a poetic beauty – especially when the seas turn stormy. To reach the Faroe Islands themselves, it’s a two-hour flight north to Vagar which is then just short of an hour’s drive from Torshavn.

Your Room

Each of the 14 rooms at Havgrim Seaside Hotel has its own unique character with interiors that reflect the careful restoration of this historic property. The design is very much reminiscent of the fjords that fringe the coastlines, whilst the colour palette reflects the moods of the sea and the everchanging sky. For the best room with the best view though, it has to be the Commodore Suite. Fronted by a sweeping bay window, the comfiest bed sits centre stage with the views ahead leaving you with the sensation of being adrift at sea.

Why we like it

Havgrim Seaside Hotel 1948 won us over not for luxurious trappings, but for its warmth and its size; it may be small, but that’s what we like about it. Walking in after a day exploring the islands, the staff greet you by name and are on hand for anything you might need. They have a wealth of suggestions up their sleeve and are masters at bagging the hottest dinner reservations in town. Epitomising their island charm, Havgrim only serves breakfast, but trust us, they serve it well.