Ecuador & the Galapagos

Galapagos Safari Camp

Who says you have to compromise when it comes to combining luxury and nature? Galapagos Safari Camp certainly doesn’t. Built by a European couple with a passion for travel, they know a thing or two about the power of nature and how important it is to preserve it. With this in mind, Galapagos Safari Camp was born, a luxury family-friendly wilderness retreat with unspoiled surroundings and spectacular views to boot. In the heart of the Isla Santa Cruz highlands, this is a safari adventure like no other. Their sustainability programme, which focuses on reforestation and organic food production, will inspire you to become that little bit greener.


Situated on the second largest island in the archipelago, Isla Santa Cruz, the Safari Camp boasts unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean and the National Park. Just an hour from Baltra Airport, this paradise is not hard to reach. The wildlife, from renowned tortoises to red crabs, speaks for itself so this camp focuses entirely on making sure you have the closest experience to nature possible, without taking away that homely feeling.

Your room

At Galapagos Safari Camp, choose from nine unique tents raised on wooden platforms and carefully designed to protect you from both sun and rain, so you feel completely in the jungle. These luxury tents have all the amenities you could possibly need, including a writing desk for those Darwin enthusiasts who want to write about diverse species they see each day. We love the Family Suite situated just next to the Main Lodge, sleeping up to 6 people in a Master Bedroom, two Twin Suites and a Playroom, and a perfect alternative for families with younger children. With all this luxury you wouldn’t believe that the Camp is completely self-sufficient in rainwater too. As if you needed another reason to go.

Why we like it

Whether you’d like a land-based or cruise-based safari, or both, Galapagos Safari Camp can make your wildest dreams come true. For scuba-diving aficionados, this is also a world-class spot to dive deep and spot manta rays, green turtles and whale sharks. After a busy day at sea swimming with sea lions, return to the Main Lodge and unwind by the fire with a glass of wine and a good book from the library.

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