Arctic Light Hotel, Rovaniemi

Discover the unspoilt natural beauty of Finnish Lapland in the utmost style at Arctic Light Hotel. An urban hideaway on the fringes of the Arctic Circle, it is the perfect base from which to explore the magic of the region. Gone are the days of camping down in a tent in the forest, with Arctic Light Hotel instead ushering in a new luxurious era. Though for all the grandeur of the 57 rooms and suites, Lappish heritage is never forgotten and serves to remind you of the beauty of the area. How you explore that beauty though? That’s up to you. (Though atop a reindeer sleigh is always our favourite)


A wilderness in the true sense of the word, Arctic Light Hotel lies just 15-minutes from the Arctic Circle in the Lappish capital of Rovaniemi. Blanketed by soft white snow in the winters and basking beneath a magical midnight sun in the summers, Finnish Lapland is a destination for all the seasons. Mush your own husky sledge as the Northern Lights dance overhead in winter or canoe beneath the midnight sun in the summer. Sound good?  Just an hour and a half’s flight north from Helsinki is all it takes to begin your enchanting Arctic adventure.

Your Room

The 57 rooms and suites of Arctic Light Hotel have all been individually designed to bring a touch of glamour to the Arctic experience. Bursts of creative grandeur, such as ornate chandeliers and bespoke wallpaper, perfectly complement traditional Lappish touches, to create a luxurious effect. The modern yet cosy rooms boast all the modern conveniences desired by today’s traveller whilst the Arctic animals that gaze down from the walls infuse the rooms with a sense of Arctic nature. Choose from a number of themed suites, including the Christmas Cabin in the town centre, for an added touch of polar magic.

Why we like it

Arctic Light Hotel is a celebration of Arctic beauty. Everything it does serves to reflect its stunning surroundings. From the use of seasonal wild berries in Arctic Boulevard restaurant to the enchanting Wintergarden setting of Lasiterassi cocktail lounge, it celebrates all that Finnish Lapland has to offer. But it does more than celebrate it, it protects it. It’s impossible not to notice the hotel’s penchant for polar bears, whether it’s a soft cuddly one on your bed or large dynamic polar wallpaper. Arctic Light Hotel is determined to protect the habitat of this Arctic icon and so has partnered with the WWF to help raise awareness of the threat that global warming poses to their habitat. How about that – style with a heart.