The Rooster, Antiparos

If you’re in need of somewhere to reset body, mind and spirit, look no further than The Rooster. Guests seeking privacy, tranquillity, and a sense of perfect balance will no doubt find it here – with guidance from The Rooster’s team of wellbeing specialists. A home away from home, nestled in a picturesque hillside on the quiet Greek island of Antiparos. Salty ocean air, fresh local foods and dusky hues of idyllic sunset skies. This is a place to forge a deep connection with nature, and with yourself.


The Rooster sits within 30-acres of hills, old local homes, rocks and sand dunes – all overlooking the pristine beach of Livadia on the small Greek island of Antiparos. The 16 private homes have been designed to blend seamlessly into the landscape. Evergreens, rocky ruins, sand dunes and the ocean – all blissfully uninterrupted. Amongst such wild beauty, it’s impossible not to feel a connection with your natural surroundings.


You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to the setting of your private one- or two-bedroom home at The Rooster. From those up on the hill to those down by the beach – you can choose to be surrounded by the wilds of the Grecian countryside or look out over the balmy blue Aegean Sea. But whichever you choose, inside you’ll find chic interiors in neutral tones. Outside, you’ll find private open space, an outdoor shower and your own pool. And the sublime views, of course.


The standout feature of The Rooster is most definitely its House of Healing. For a truly personalised, holistic wellness journey, there’s nowhere better. In-depth consultations with their team ensure every treatment, organic product and multi-sensory experience will be tailored to you, with a focus on the alignment of mind and body. We’ve never left anywhere feeling quite so centred. The food at The Rooster is also off-the-charts good. Their super fresh, modern Greek cuisine is delicious – and healthy, too.