Greenland: An Intrepid Wilderness Adventure


March - September


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How long

9 nights ideal length

A vast expanse of ice, floating in the midst of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, Greenland has long been a mystery to travellers. But not anymore. Join the ranks of intrepid explorers and discover all the secrets of this rugged polar expanse. In an adventure like no other guided by our adventure experts, you’ll traverse wide open landscapes by snowmobile, dog sled and snow shoe – spotting polar bear tracks as you go. This 10-day expedition has been expertly crafted to give you a real taste of the life of an explorer, right down to authentic Weatherhaven tents. You’ll spend your days crossing miles of wide open tundra, dotted with just a handful of small Inuit villages, before building your very own igloo to bed down in overnight. It’s a one of a kind adventure, and whilst it may not be for the fainthearted, we know you’ve got it in you.

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To the ends of the earth

After a quick overnight in Akureyri in North Iceland, your Greenland adventure kickstarts on the rugged eastern coastline. Touch down in Constable Point in Liverpool Land, a vast peninsula in Eastern Greenland which caters perfectly to all of your polar exploration and arctic mountaineering desires. You’ll spend some time with your local guide who will get you to grips with all of your equipment and your itinerary – ready for the next few days of exploring.

Tomorrow – you’re starting at the top as you join an expert guide as you scale one of Liverpool Land’s many jagged peaks. When you reach the top, you’ll truly feel like the only people in the world as you look out over the frozen Hurry fjord and expansive mountain ranges beyond. After the morning’s exertions, you’ll return for a true explorer-style lunch, served up in a traditional Weatherhaven tent. That evening, you’ll learn the ways of the Inuit people as you tick off the childhood dream of building your very own igloo. Then, grab some sleeping bags and wrap up warm and you’re all set to bed down in your very own ice chamber. Or there’s always the Weatherhaven if that’s too chilly…

The Quiet Life

There’s nothing quite like sleeping out in the elements and you’ll wake up this morning feeling refreshed and ready for your next adventure: snowmobiling. Speed through the white landscapes that wrap all around you, stopping off at a stunning viewpoint where the sea ice breaks apart in jagged shards and icebergs pierce through the chilly surface. Your destination? Ittoqqortoormiit. A remote Inuit settlement and the most isolated village in Greenland. Enjoy a private tour before spending the next two nights staying at a local guesthouse where you will become acquainted with the Greenlandic custom of Kaffemik.

The next morning, you’ll discover the local area in the only way possible – by dog sled. Give a whistle to your loyal husky team and away you go onto the deserted village of Kap Hope. From there, carry on to Kap Tobin, which has become a hunting outpost for locals since it too was deserted, and the nearby steaming hot springs which bubble away among the ice. Finally, you’ll sled up to an icecap summit for tremendous views across the Arctic coastline, where icebergs rise up out of the water like sharks’ teeth.

Snowshoes, snowmobile safaris and polar picnics

Tomorrow, you’ll jump back on the snowmobile and head back to Constable Point, where a slightly slower adventure awaits you in the afternoon as you turn off the ignition and strap on snowshoes. A fun and easy way to get around, walking over deep, powdery snow before re-upping the pace in the morning and jumping back on the snowmobile. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as you go in search of signs of polar bears, musk ox, hares and foxes. Track these mesmerising creatures across the tundra as you zoom across the frozen Hurry fjord and through the beautiful and remote Kalkdal Valley. Just as your stomach begins to rumble you’ll then come to a truly unique lunch with delicious picnic served on a remote iceberg. Certainly, a meal to remember.

An intrepid conclusion

Hopefully by this point in the trip you’ll be feeling in touch with your intrepid side, because tonight you’re going to need it. We’ll give you the choice of overnight accommodation, between a tent or remote Kalkdal hut, which both offer a real sense adventure. With absolutely no luxuries – not even running water – tonight really does hark back to the pioneering days of arctic explorers. After the most unforgettable night’s sleep, you’ll once again strap on your snow shoes in the morning as you explore the trail-less region of Kalkdal. It’s then just a quick snowmobile whizz into the stunning Postkassen Valley where, together with a local guide, you’ll climb one of the local peaks for a final look at this incredible landscape.

With scenery like this, we can guarantee that images of this fascinating country will be forever etched in your memory. Head back home via Reykjavik and put your feet up – you deserve it.

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