The Ultimate Volcano Adventure

For a slice of a geography lesson with your next luxury travel experience, we have just devised our latest tectonic adventure with the aim of teaching you all about the natural beauty of Iceland. We have decided that the time has come to go and visit the Þríhnúkagigur Volcano and see exactly what this geological behemoth is all about. Perhaps more excitingly scientists have recently opened up a lift that will take a lucky few 120 metres under the surface of the earth into the giant magma chamber of the dormant volcano. This type of experience is not available anywhere else on our planet, allowing a lucky and daring few the chance to see the geological workings of our world. Now time to hear about this incredible unusual luxury holiday…

Between the continents

First, stop the Thingvellir National park to begin your volcanic adventure. A walk through the geological fault known as Almannagja will bring you to the Silfra fissure (a crack in the earth’s crust where the European meets the American tectonic plate). Don your snorkel and dive into the clearest water on earth. Visibility often reaches over 100 metres and as you slowly drift down the crystal clear channel gaze down between continents and experience the feeling of total weightlessness.

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Superjeeps and lunar landscapes

After a well-deserved dinner and a good night’s rest at Hotel Ranga, it’s time to head for the volcanoes. We have arranged for a scientist specializing in volcanology to accompany you all day today to explain the amazing processes going on both above and below ground. Climb aboard a super jeep and head for the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano (pronounced ‘Eya-Fyatla-Jokut’, apparently); whilst the eruption is over, it has left behind a space-like landscape studded with huge formations of recently cooled lava. Gazing into the vast crater, the source of so many problems back in 2010, you will immediately get a sense of the immense power bubbling under the surface. Trek up the volcano on an hour or so hike on top of the lava field or if you fancy really taking your experience to the next level why not take a helicopter flight from the back garden of Ranga over the Eyjafjallajokull volcano to get a bird’s eye view of the lunar landscape.

Journey into the volcano

And so to the highlight of your trip; an evening excursion inside the magma chamber of the dormant Þríhnúkagigur Volcano. With your science-savvy guide in tow descend through the crater opening and down to the floor of the chamber using an open elevator system (a truly exhilarating ride). Enjoy a privately guided tour of the vast chasm, learning about the immense pressure and complex processes that caused this natural marvel to form over millions of years. The chamber itself is higher than the Statue of Liberty and we have lined up something very special exclusively for you. Whilst we don’t want to give too much away, be sure to build up an appetite as you are about to enjoy the most unique dining experience you are ever likely to have enjoyed; in the chamber itself. With a team of experts on hand and up to four hours to explore the inside of the volcano, this is one experience that will be hard to match; particularly when you consider you will be emerging just before midnight to bright sunshine.

On your final morning, and for an iconic end to your Iceland adventure, we will take you to the famous Blue Lagoon for a dip in the therapeutic azure waters. Relax and reflect on the past couple of days that have taken you below the surface of the earth to a place that only a hand full of people have been lucky enough to see.

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