Ginyu Hakone

If you want a traditional Japanese getaway then stay in an original Ryokan Inn in the mountains for a unique experience. Ginyu Hakone provides an atmosphere of true serenity in this secluded spot surrounded by woodlands and onsens. With just 20 rooms, the hotel is intimate and welcoming, with a hint of South East Asian elegance, to travellers seeking a tranquil mountain escape.


In the heart of Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, the hotel offers beautiful picturesque views. Ginyu Hakone is reachable by a 40-minute Shinkansen (train) journey to Odawara from Tokyo followed by an hour’s drive. During your stay, go on a cruise along Lake Ashi and meander past Mt Fuji or visit Hakone Open Air Museum, displaying works from Picasso. We recommend a hike through Hakone which still has remains of old stone pavements leading to traditional tea houses, waterfalls and lush forestry.

Your Room

Rooms are typically in traditional Japanese style with open spaces featuring low furniture, tatami-mats and futon mattresses, however there are 3 western styled ones, featuring more modern furniture. Each room has their own butler service for each delicious meal and a private balcony overlooking the dramatic vistas.

Why we like it

Away from the bustle of Tokyo, travellers can escape to a rural Japanese Ryokan. We think you will enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes by relaxing in the hot springs which this area is renowned for. In fact, each room has it’s own open air Onsen so you can rejuvenate in the comfort of your own room.