Gora Kadan, Hakone

A stay in Gôra Kadan, the former retreat of the imperial family in Hakone National Park, is an invitation to bring your senses to life as you become immersed in the ancient Japanese way of life. You’ll be able to easily embrace the stunning surroundings of Hakone since this retreat is designed to blend into the natural beauty of the area. Enjoy the sense of calm as it washes over you the moment you enter this gorgeous property.


Gora Kadan is in the heart of mountainous Hakone and is accessible by train and private car. It’s just a short stroll from Gora Station, during which you’ll be able to appreciate the stunning landscape. The tranquil environment is misleading; since it’s just over an hour away from the incredible buzz of Tokyo.  Quite the enticing juxtaposition.


The range of suites and rooms here will leave you spoilt for choice. Would you feel most at home with a private open air stone bath, a steam-sauna, a Jacuzzi, or perhaps all three? No matter which you choose, all the award winning rooms cohesively blend Japanese traditions with modern design.


Japanese tradition meets today’s comforts and any place where you can have a private stone bath filled from an ancient hot spring, rich in minerals said to promote smooth, soft skin – and have a world-class massage at the premier spa, is more than okay by us.

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