Hoshinoya Kyoto

We always dream of getting away from it all, and nothing fulfils this more than a stint at Hoshinoya Kyoto. Tucked away in Arashiyama, west Kyoto, Hoshinoya highlights Kyoto’s spirit and natural beauty in a new and original way. 25 individual Ryokans (Japanese inns) await you here – poised to help you unwind, relax and watch the seasons pass by, in the most traditional atmosphere.


Peacefully situated on the Ooigawa River, Hoshinoya Kyoto provides the perfect location to let go and forget about any worries back home. Traditionally a getaway for the people of Kyoto to unwind in, leaving behind their busy lives, every element of the ryokan is geared up to putting you at ease. The sumptuous surroundings are complemented well by the authentic design, which is heavily influenced by the culture of the Heian Dynasty – it’s like stepping back in time, or hitting pause on it altogether.


Minimalistic is an understatement. Clean lines, neutral colours which are only highlighted by the natural light that seeps in through the striking windows; It gives you the sense of bringing ‘the outdoors in’. In true Fung-Shui style – benches line the window and are bedecked in cushions, so you can sit in wonder and gaze idly at the river. It’s simple but sumptuous and caters to your every need.


We loved the sense that you could not be any further away from it all here, whatever ‘it all’ may be. Hoshinoya Kyoto completely hits the spot in the relaxation category. And if you did want a mini adventure, why not take a rickshaw lunch ride or a boat trip through autumn leaves? It’s pure enchantment.