Hotel Associa, Takayama

This elegant accommodation in the ancient city of Takayama boasts impressive views of the Japanese Alps while providing a remarkable level of comfort within. Traditional Japanese furnishing merges effortlessly with a sophisticated layout designed to blend in with the peaceful surroundings, and it certainly succeeds; on-site hot springs are a luxurious touch, too.


Takayama is located in Central Japan – a two hour train ride from Nagoya and a four hour train ride for Tokyo – with Hotel Associa set amidst the city’s highlands. The traditional, authentic culture on offer in the area is truly unique, and somewhat of an anomaly for a 21st century city; attractions such as sake breweries, bustling markets, a vast array of delicious restaurants and the beautifully preserved World Heritage site of Shirakawa-gō (famous for its steeply-thatched gasshō-zukuri houses) make Takayama a truly appealing place to visit. Don’t forget to take advantage of the beautiful scenery by embarking on a walking trail through the hillside, exploring castle ruins and national parks in all their natural wonder.


The authentic Japanese suites, complete with traditional sliding doors and furniture, really immerse you in the culture of Japan. The colour scheme is simple yet charming, with natural tones in the furniture combining to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. All of its 290 spacious rooms and suites command superb and unobstructed views of the northern Japanese Alps; the hotel is also the first of its kind in Takayama to have its own hot spring bath.


If you’re looking to relax in rich tradition and simplicity, Hotel Associa is the perfect base on which to explore your surroundings. By combining the best of East and Western culture, there is still something about the rooms that has that home-like warmth.