Hotel Granvia, Kyoto

Kyoto is not all temples and traditions, and it’s for that reason we are so fond of it. Yes, we can loose ourselves in the history of it all, wander to Gion to catch a glimpse of a Geisha, gasp in the splendour of kinkaku-ji (The Golden Pavilion). But it’s also the fact it refuses to be left behind the rest of the ever evolving Japan. The taboo Kyoto train station, with it’s in-your-face glass and steel work. It’s thick culture and modern take on things is why we choose to stay at Hotel Granvia – 535 roomed, slice of tradition, infused with a modern attitude.


From Kansai International Airport it’s only a 90 minute taxi journey. Hotel Granvia is in easy reach of everything. Delve into some culture and tea drinking in the upmost traditional Gion district. Then swap the leaves for a cocktail in Kyoto’s abundance of bars and restaurants; unfortunately you won’t have enough days to try them all. Everything you would need is on your doorstep.

Your Room

Despite the electric atmosphere outside, your guestroom is perfectly tranquil in comparison. After exploring the local sights (and we suspect your feet are now tired) you can delve into your cosy surroundings. A simple and clean room with all the amenities you need, you will feel a million miles away from the Kyoto buzz that’s right outside your window. And it’s the window that provides you with spectacular views of the Kyoto tower and station which glimmer at night.

Why we like it

Hands down (or should we say knife and forks down?) it’s the cooking class available. Not only do you get to satisfy your appetite, but you get to do it under the guidance and expertise of master chef Hajime Murakami. A wizard in the kitchen and the champion cook at Hotel Granvia this is cuisine we’ll be bringing back to our own kitchen (well, we’ll try).