Amantaka, Laos

Combining natural beauty with spirituality and regal history, this boutique resort north of Laos in the historical city centre of Luang Prabang, is the perfect place to escape. Surrounded by culture, Amantaka Resort offers views of the temples and Mount Phousi a UNESCO world heritage site. Mirroring its ancient history, the resort blends French colonial architecture with the ancient designs from the Laos royal capital. Set on a large garden estate the hotel is housed in graceful French colonial buildings and offers and simple yet elegant feel. With only five suites and two villas, this is the perfect hotel for a secluded holiday.


Nestled in the forests surrounding Luang Prabang, Amantaka sits between the mountains and the temples. In the mornings you will be able to witness the daily Tak Bat call where the monks chant and create floral offerings for the temples. After, embark on a bike ride through the scenic rice paddies to reach the cascading 30 meter falls or engage with your cultural side and visit the surrounding 30 temples and historic museums. A can’t-miss experience, explore the lush banks and caves of the Mekong River on the romantic Amantaka riverboat before walking with elephants to discover breathtaking waterfalls. All this and it’s only 15 minutes to Luang Prabang Airport.


The high-ceilinged suites encircle a large grass courtyard and have private decks from which to admire the views and gaze up at the starry night skies. Fringed by mango trees and with tranquil architecture creating a relaxing sanctuary, each of the suites conveys a deep sense of peace.  Located in the centre of the rolling lawns and lush gardens, the villas are all finished in colonial era furnishings and with full staff and private pools – you really will not want to leave your quaint abode.


Not only are you awoken by the traditional call of the monks each day, but the resort also offers exquisite spa treatments with unspoiled views of the surrounding culture and a restaurant perfect for trying the local cuisine. Using Laotian ingredients, the small delectable plates of mok, meat and vegetables leaves you wanting more. Be sure to visit the bar where the local Laojto cocktail is a house speciality.