Baja Peninsula Splendour

If you fancy yourself a beachside retreat but fear you would soon be twiddling your thumbs if left on a sun lounger all day than we have created an exhilarating coastal break in this nine day trip. With one of the most exciting and diverse terrains in Mexico, the sun-soaked peninsula of Baja California promises plenty of thrills and spills alongside its boutique hotels and spas. Where else can you swim with whale sharks and learn to throw a pot in a remote mountain village?  Completely unique—this is one of our favourite coastal getaways.

The land that time forgot

Kicking off your trip in style, as soon as you land in Los Cabos your private transfer will be waiting to whisk you through customs and begin the scenic drive to the spectacular Posada de Las Flores hotel in La Paz. Journeying through miles of cacti-peppered desert, golden beaches and dark mountainside, you’ll get your first taste of the haunting, otherworldly beauty of Baja California as you go. Soak in these natural wonders and the fragrance of desert flowers as you watch the superb sunset from your private suite terrace.

Nestled on a secluded nook on the east side of the peninsula, La Paz provides the perfect base to enjoy one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, the Sea of Cortez. With your private guide to lead you, plunge yourself into this underwater wonderland in search of the gentle giants of the deep—the whale shark. Reaching up to 20 meters in length, you may feel you’ve entered a lost world swimming alongside these majestic prehistoric creatures.

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Sea lions and sea views

Another day, another adventure—grab a speedboat and jet across to Espiritu Santo Island for a day to take in the stunning volcanic cliffs and aquamarine waters. Pause for a picnic on the deserted white shores of one of the islands’ many beautiful beaches before taking to the hills for a natural history walk provided by your personal guide. Hungry for more marine life? Fear not—your return journey will take you via the stunning off-shore isles of the Baja coast where colonies of sea lions bask in the sun. Here you can engage in a spot of playtime with the sea lion pups (beware—these come with a serious cuteness-overload warning), surrounded by a kaleidoscope of tropical fish.

Next on your whirlwind tour is the coastal oasis village of Todos Santos. Brimming with historical charm, this former colonial town is famed for its spectacular surfing and incredible sunsets. Nab yourself a board and head to the waves or if you fancy a rest, indulge in a sumptuous spa treatment at your stunning 19th century Guaycura Boutique Hotel. For a truly magical night, watch the sun sink into the sea and enjoy a night of champagne and stargazing as your guide maps out the night sky with Aztec and Mayan constellations.

Potter’s delight

If you are after a culture fix then take to the mountains where you can spend the day on one of the working family ranches and learn how to create your own Baja pottery masterpiece with a pottery class. A staple fixture of traditional Baja ranch life, you’ll find out how to throw using the local clay before transferring your skills to the kitchen for a tortilla-making session. Your hard work will be rewarded with a sumptuous ranch-style lunch serving the best and freshest local delicacies.

If you’d prefer to stay out of the kitchen, then the shops and restaurants of Los Cabos are your next port of call. Teetering on the southernmost tip of the peninsula you can spend your final days fishing the ocean’s treasures on a private yacht and enjoying the glorious sunshine. For a real adventure, get off the tourist track and hit the rugged Baja Outback in an off-road tour through the remotest mountain villages, picking up some local handmade crafts on the way. Close your pacific adventure at the luxurious Capella Pedregal Hotel and Spa, the entrance of which lies through a 300 metre long private tunnel (the only one of its kind in Mexico). Here you can sip a delicious cocktail and watch the Sea of Cortez melt into the Pacific Ocean. One thing is certain—this is one beach holiday you’ll never want to end.

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