North Iceland: Swim with Humpback Whales Beneath the Midnight Sun

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Each year, the northern reaches of our world experience a dramatic shift – when the summer sun refuses to set. Hanging low and heavy in the sky, the Midnight Sun bathes these Arctic lands in an aura of intrigue and wonder. It draws the curious, the entranced. But it also draws the animal world, where pods of humpback whales ply their way from their winter refuge in the Gulf of Mexico to these vast northern waters. And then they stop.

Over the years, Iceland has inspired us at every turn. We’ve swum between tectonic plates at Silfra, quad-biked black sand beaches at Reynisfjara, dined inside a volcano at Eyjafjallajokull (and learned how to say it). Now, it’s your turn. Next summer marks a moment to venture north into the unknown on a unique adventure thoughtfully designed to liberate you from months of being cooped up indoors. In a departure from the everyday, you’ll be doing so beneath the blaze of the midnight sun, dressed in a dry suit and in the company of a migrating pod of humpback whales. Rare, wondrousephemeral, this is travel at its most remarkable.

The Experience: Swim with Humpback Whales Beneath the Midnight Sun

On your penultimate evening in Iceland comes the moment your journey has been building up to. As the midnight sun hangs heavy overhead the northern capital of Akureyri, you’ll join your expert marine guide at Strytan and prepare for a unique aquatic experience. An encounter with nature that will set the benchmark for all future experiences. Climbing down into a private RIB, you’ll leave the shore behind as you head out into Eyjafjörður as it plunges its way into the heart of the Arctic Ocean. A touch foreboding? Yes. But it’s also a favourite feeding ground of the whales and the shelter of the fjord will offer you protection from the grip of the sea breeze.

“This is about getting up close and personal with creatures who we might be lucky to see just as plumes and tails glimpsed in the distance. Under normal circumstances.”

Dressed in a dry suit, the arctic waters won’t bite but will give the water an added clarity to truly bring the experience to life. Migrating humpback whales pass through the area each summer, yet it’s usually only the quiet fishing boats that see them at this time of night. Never in this way though, at this proximity. Dry and warm, you’ll have the opportunity to spend two hours getting to know these gentle giants in the most intimate way – with the only interlopers the occasional passing dolphin or minke whale. Of course, there will be a thermal bath waiting when you’re done. Our top tip, time your visit for Sumarsólstöður, or Summer Solstice, for an extra touch of the ephemeral. Intrigued? We thought so. You can read more about the experience here.

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Wyoming: Wild West Adventures in Yellowstone & Grand Teton

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River rafting, hiking and horseback exploration through the heart of the Wild West

Step back in time and experience true American history in Wyoming. Home to Yellowstone and the rugged mountains of Grand Teton National Park, the impressive canyons and stark forests set the scene for a thrilling six-night getaway. From towering moose and grizzly bears to geysers rocketing rushes of steam into the sky, discover these wild lands on a luxury vacation through the heart of America as you raft down raging rivers, ride horses through the valleys and kayak along empty lakes. Our expert guides’ wealth of knowledge on the flora, fauna and history of this remarkable wilderness brings an unparalleled depth to these iconic landscapes.

Technicolour springs, bear tracks and lakeside kayaking in Yellowstone

Welcome to Wyoming – where plains of raw, untouched wilderness merges into the jaw-dropping Rocky Mountains. Your journey begins in Jackson Hole, cruising along the highway for two and a half hours to Under Canvas Yellowstone for three nights. Minutes away from the world’s tallest geysers and picturesque lakes, you’ll be glamping in unrivalled seclusion within charming tented suites, beneath the star-spangled skies.

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Como, Tuscany & Amalfi: The Ultimate Italian Honeymoon

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Italy, synonymous with romance, has always made for an irresistible honeymoon

The soft pearlescent glow of Lake Como at sunrise; the Tuscan air heavy with the scent of cypress; the sweltering haze of a summer’s evening in Rome; the rush of an after-dinner limoncello on the Amalfi Coast. Italy’s honeymoon prowess is no accident but a carefully curated series of sensations that will stay with you through your anniversaries to come. That’s why we’ve wrapped up our 15 years of romancing into this, our ultimate Italian honeymoon. 12 nights travelling south from Lake Como to the Amalfi Coast, through Tuscany and Rome, driving vintage cars, crafting gelato and sailing over lakes and seas. All you need to do is say ‘I do’.

Vintage Alfa Romeos, Private Riva Boats and Casino Royale Scenes on Lake Como

Your honeymoon begins on the perennially stylish shores of Lake Como, where you’ll spend your first three nights in the palatial luxury of Grand Hotel Tremezzo. On check-in, we’ll not only hand over the key to a beautiful lake view room – but also those to a vintage car. Head downstairs where we’ll have a gourmet picnic and map waiting for you as you set off on one of our favourite drives, stopping off wherever your heart desires. The next day, you’ll see the lake in all its splendour from a custom Riva boat on a private boat tour. Join Carlo down on the dock as he takes the helm and unveils some of Como’s most illustrious addresses, from the Casino Royale film set of Villa del Balbianello to the wisteria-crawled Villa d’Este. After a final day enjoying the serenity of Tremezzo, you’ll then head south to Tuscany.

Go behind the scenes of the Uffizi Gallery and climb the Duomo’s 463 steps for the best views in Florence as the sun sets over the Arno River

Settle in amid the olive groves at one of our favourite properties, COMO Castello del Nero. Here you’ll spend the afternoon hitting reset in their signature Shambhala Retreat Spa before enjoying a romantic Michelin-starred dinner at La Torre. Tomorrow, it’s off to Florence in the company of Sylvia, one of our best guides, who will introduce the city from whichever perspective you want to see it from. For the sartorially inclined, there’s a private tour of the Ferragamo Museum, while for those with an eye for the Renaissance, we’ll take you through the iconic Uffizi Gallery, granting you privileged access to the usually off-limits Vasari Corridor. Cap off the day by taking on the Duomo’s 463 steps up to Brunelleschi’s cupola and admiring the views across the city as the sun sets over the Arno River.

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Eater Journeys: Porto

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As luxury travel experts, we know a thing or two about getting around the world in style.

That’s why we’ve combined our round-the-world travel expertise with the culinary insight of Eater. This slice-by-slice tour of Portuguese food, and the landscapes which gave rise to it, is the result, making use of our approach to truly bespoke, experiential travel. Scroll down to read the full itinerary or click the button below to browse more food-focused Eater experiences.


We love Porto. The colour-splashed, hillside buildings set along the Douro River, the quaint cobbled streets and buskers playing by trendy café hangouts. But besides its charming aesthetics,  the city is an absolute food lover’s haven. For this six-night trip, we’ve teamed up with Eater to bring you the best of Porto’s impressive gastronomy. With our expert guides, you’ll be delving into the traditions of Porto’s wine and port industry with private tastings at our favourite cellars around Douro Valley. You’ll be exploring curbside eateries, dining at the finest Michelin-starred spots and embarking on private cooking classes with local residents.  

Welcome to Portuguese gastronomy in Porto

Arriving in Porto, our driver will welcome you at the airport, ready to whisk you across to the historic port wine cellar district. Porto was once a thriving medieval harbour that exported its eponymous port wines back to Britain, therefore it’s fitting to start your tantalizing journey staying at a hotel dedicated to the spirit of wine: The Yeatman. Unwind with a glass – or bottle – among the sprawling landscaped gardens and soak up the vistas of Porto’s skyline as the day turns to night. For your first hearty plateful of Portuguese gastronomy, experience two-Michelin-star dining at The Restaurant at The Yeatman, which boasts a phenomenal tasting menu, including melt in the mouth beef and fresh oysters drizzled in veal sauce. And the fantastic selection of Portuguese wine is the perfect accompaniment for your meal. 

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EATER Journeys: East Village, NYC

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As luxury travel experts, we know a thing or two about getting around the world in style.

That’s why we’ve combined our round-the-world travel expertise with the culinary insight of Eater. This slice-by-slice tour of New York’s gastronomy, and the landscapes which gave rise to it, is the result, making use of our approach to truly bespoke, experiential travel. Scroll down to read the full itinerary or click the button below to browse more food-focused Eater experiences.


New York has been a food lover’s dream for as long as the city’s been standing. With a strong mix of cultures sharing their cuisines, the food scene has developed and fused to create some of the world’s best gastronomy. The East Village boasts a unique charm and eclectic mix of dining experiences that we can’t wait for you to try. We’ve teamed up with Eater for this epic five-night getaway, exploring our favourite gourmet delights in the city that never sleeps.

New York, New York

Our driver will be ready to meet you at the airport, bringing you to our favourite NYC neighbourhood – the East Village. Bursting with character and an electric atmosphere, there’s something going on around every corner in this charming hotspot. The Ludlow New York City will be your stylish base for four-nights. Drop your bags, soak up the outstanding views of the towering skyscrapers and sip a Manhattan at the lounge bar, feeling like a true New Yorker. Tonight’s dinner at MáLà Project is set to impress. This trendy Chinese restaurant fully tailors its menu to your taste, even down to the ingredients and levels of spice. And the selection of dim sum is simply unmissable 

Experience a private historic tour around the East Village

Celebrated as the birthplace of punk, the East Village has a great story to tell. Whilst the area has changed significantly over the years, downtown still nods towards its old roots, from the old-school record stores and vintage thrift shops to the old music venues and bold graffiti. Today you’ll be peeling back the layers of the neighbourhood’s vibrant history with an expert guide, taking you on a captivating private walking tour through East Village and Lower East Side. This experience has been custom-made for Eater members and takes you far beyond the guidebook.

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Emilia Romagna & The Langhe: A Luxury Hiking Adventure from the Best Restaurant in Italy

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Hike between Barolo wineries and white truffle hunts to discover a new culinary destination in Italy

Italy is famous for many things: its centuries-old culture, its renaissance masterpieces, its charming towns in a perfect, crumbling state of dilapidation. But also its cuisine. With its bold flavours, hearty portions and recipes that are written only in memory, it’s what keeps us coming back time and again. Forever on the hunt for that new flavour of Italy, we’ve landed in the Langhe. A hilly region tucked away in the northwestern region of Piedmont, it’s got our attention with its family-run Barolo wineries, traditionally-made cheeses and white truffles. The best way to see it? With long, languorous hikes over the hills, broken up by gourmet picnics and nights in luxury hotels dining with Michelin-starred chefs. Adding an additional flavour, we’ve paired the Langhe with Italy’s gourmet capital of Emilia Romagna and a reservation at the renowned, three Michelin-starred Osteria Francescana. Rounded off with a few nights on the shores of Lake Como, it’s our most mouthwatering trip yet.

Enjoy a 12-course Tasting Menu at the Best Restaurant in the World

A culinary escape to Italy could start nowhere other than Bologna. At the heart of Emilia Romagna, you’ll spend your first two nights at the Grand Hotel Majestic whetting your appetite with a host of culinary experiences – from Parmigiano Reggiano tastings with a local cheesemaker to the cooking, ageing – and dipping – of balsamic vinegar. Capping off your time here with the pinnacle of Italian fine dining, we’ll even score you a reservation at the world-famous Osteria Francescana, the three Michelin starred restaurant of Massimo Bottura (the chef and restauranteur who brought this restaurant into the world’s top 5 at the Best Restaurant Awards).

Sample Local Flavours in the Langhe as you Hike to the City of the 100 Towers

From Bologna, the local flavours continue as you head north to the Langhe. Starting off in Santo Stefano Belbo, you’ll check in at Relais San Maurizio before spending the afternoon unwinding in their expansive spa. Tomorrow, the adventure begins. We truly believe that the best way to see the Langhe is by foot and so we’ll pair you up with a local mountain guide. Setting off through the hills and vineyards of the Langhe, you’ll arrive at Castiglione Tinello at the heart of the Moscato wine region. Here, you’ll stop off at a local family-run winery where you can sample the region’s wine alongside a light lunch of fresh produce. From there, hike onto Barbaresco and cap off the day with panoramic views of the valley from the village’s iconic tower.

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Lake Garda, The Dolomites & The Prosecco Hills: A Luxury Summer Holiday in Northern Italy

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Shake off thoughts of the Mediterranean – for Northern Italy is having its time in the sun. It’s long held a reputation as home to Italy’s most inimitably stylish cities, however, it’s keen to show off it’s got the landscapes and the cuisine too. With that in mind, spend 12-days taking in the best experiences, hotels and unknown wonders the north has to offer. We’ll take you from private boat trips to the limonaie of Lake Garda to stargazing in the peaks of the Dolomites and hiking into mountain rifugios before winding up with a private Prosecco tasting in the newly UNESCO-dubbed DOCG region of Conegliano Valdobbiadene. Bookended on either end by the culture of Verona and Venice, this makes for one irresistible summer getaway.

Romance in Verona

Flying into Venice, your trip begins an hour and a half due west in the storied town of Verona. Immortalised as the home of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, Romeo & Juliet, you’ll spend your first night at the equally historic Hotel Due Torri. Take some time to explore the sights, from the Arena to the Piazza Delle Erbe, before you leave the city behind tomorrow for the tranquil banks of Lake Garda.

See Lake Garda by Private Boat

On arrival at Lake Garda, you’ll check in the at the stylish and serene Lefay Resort & Spa. Seemingly suspended above the lake below, the hotel is home to an expansive spa that is sure to leave you feeling at ease. Our tip? Check in and head straight down for one of their innovative massages. Tomorrow, you’ll enjoy a day out on the water with a private boat tour taking in the lake’s most iconic sights, from it’s quaint villages to sweeping villas backed by soaring peaks. On your way back, we’ll arrange for you to explore our favourite section – the Riviera dei Limoni. Stop off at a historic limonaia with your private guide and learn all about the citrus-scented history of the lake.

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Georgia & Armenia: A Cultural Getaway through the Caucasus

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Spectacularly set within the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia and Armenia are two intensely dynamic destinations, teeming with intriguing architecture, centuries of heritage and breathtaking backdrops. Our nine-night trip will transport you as far back as the fourth-century, weaving through hidden streets and up to hilltop monasteries with a historian, experiencing traditional cooking masterclass with local chefs and discovering the ancient winemaking techniques in Kakheti. Have your cameras ready – you’re in for one jaw-dropping journey.

Fortresses, churches and heritage in Tbilisi

Touch down in Tbilisi, Georgia’s enchanting capital and relax as we take care of the rest, whisking you across to Stamba Hotel, your home for the next three nights. Your adventure begins the following morning, with our expert guide acquainting you with Tbilisi during a private walking tour. Hear the stories of the Old Town and Sololaki district, see the ancient churches of Metekhi, Sioni and Anchiskhati and see the Narikala Fortress dominating the Tbilisi’s skyline. Appetite ready, we’ll pause for lunch at our favourite courtyard restaurant, charmingly set behind a 19th century Georgian writer’s house. Khachapuri devoured, you’ll continue onto the bustling Dry Bridge before an evening experiencing more of Georgia’s delicious gastronomy.

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The Netherlands & Belgium: History, Culture and Canals

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The Netherlands and Belgium are a match made in heaven. Experience eight nights delving deep into the history, art and gastronomy of these two culture-rich destinations as you unveil the compelling moments of WWII in Ardennes with a war historian, immerse yourself within timeless European art with a passionate curator in Amsterdam and sample the sweeter things in life with world-class chocolatiers in Brussels. Peppered with the best luxury hotels the region has to offer and a host of other local delights, this trip reaches far beyond your standard city break.

The history and artistry of Amsterdam

Your adventure begins in the pulsating hub of sophisticated liberals and daring creatives – Amsterdam. For three nights you’ll be staying at Hotel Pulitzer with its alluring labyrinth of Golden Age canal houses. Drop your bags and board a private salon boat, smoothly cruising down the 17th century waterways and soaking up the quaint surroundings with a glass of champagne in hand.

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Best of Belgium: Contemporary Art & Gourmet Cuisine

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Belgium may be small, but it certainly packs a punch. The epicentre of European affairs and, indeed, a mainstay of the world stage, it’s set to impress. Here, you’ll not only find world leaders but rows upon rows of chocolatiers, classical architecture aplenty and a cutting-edge art and design scene that brings an effervescent contrast to it all. Whether circling the canals of Bruges and Ghent, setting trends in Antwerp or tracing history in Brussels, your time in Belgium will certainly be varied. Spend seven-nights sipping craft beers and sampling Belgium’s many culinary delights as you make your way between its charming cities, getting a behind the scenes glimpse at the worlds of art, chocolate and diamonds before bedding down in luxury each night.

Marcolini, Magritte & More

Your trip really couldn’t start anywhere other than Brussels and in this charming city, it has to be Hotel Amigo. Just around the corner from the Grand Place, drop your bags here for the first two nights of your trip as you settle into the plush rooms with their effortless Olga Polizzi flair. Get to know the city that afternoon on a privately guided walking tour that will see you tracing the centuries as you take in iconic sights such as the Old Market, Manneken Pis and Gallery Royal Saint Hubert. Along the way, we’ll be sure to stave off any hunger pangs as you enjoy tastings at some of the city’s best chocolatiers. Fancy yourself a true connoisseur? For an added flourish, we can arrange a private masterclass with the renowned chocolatier, Pierre Marcolini, whose handcrafted creations are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

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