La Pause, Agafay Desert

Set within an olive grove the La Pause experience is all about allowing you to, well, pause. So feel free to put your feet up in one of the hammocks dotted throughout the grounds, or escape the glare of the desert sun in one of the numerous Bedouin tents. This rustic retreat strikes a wonderfully simple balance between getting back to nature and keeping our much loved creature comforts. This is expertly demonstrated by the wood burning stoves that stand guard keeping any pesky chill winds, from the open fronted rooms, at bay.


Just 28km from Marrakech La Pause sits in an impossibly green droplet of olive trees, cosseted by rolling red desert hills. Seen from afar we’re sure that, like us, you’ll be rubbing your eyes to make sure that the heat isn’t playing tricks. From within the droplet it’s equally hard to believe that the desert is on your doorstep. The surrounds are drenched in the African sun and beckon you to top up your tan.

Your room

Built using Pisé, a medieval mud and straw mix, the venue has an overwhelming sense of the old world and the feel carries on throughout each of the unique and beguiling rooms. These candlelit escapes are some way beyond idyllic. You’ll spend your nights exposed to the desert but for a series of plush and warm curtains. If the beautiful curtains aren’t cutting it then pop another log into your stylish wood burner and you’ll be cosy in no time.  Are you one of those people that just have to be outside as soon as the sun is out? Just pull the drapes and inside transforms into outside in the blink of an eye.

Why we like it

The rolling desert hills made us feel like we were tucked away from the ‘real world’. Dining under a celestial light show; the sky is literally filled with stars that light pollution renders invisible back in the UK.

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