Palais Faraj, Fez

Set in the heart of Fez, a 1200 year old city, the Palais Faraj was built on the site of a Moorish palace and retains a certain regal splendour. Ornate arches and columns, in sacred geometric patterns, blend with mosaic clad floors and stained glass windows splash colour over the walls, each element adds to the elegant authenticity that the hotel projects. Refinement is visible throughout and is nowhere better displayed than in the dining room with a panorama of the city streets.


Explore the city at will; the souks are mere moments walk, as are its cafes and restaurants, not to mention the beguiling centre itself. Views of the city are unmatched, due to the Palais’s vantage point atop a hill. The view also takes in the medina walls and the distant mountains. A truly unique location for a truly unique hotel.

Your room

Mosaics adorn the floors and indeed the lower half of most of the walls in the suites, which only serves to add to the authentic feel so expertly portrayed. A selection of the rooms have terraces with views equal to those of the restaurant, while the rest benefit from large windows. Expect opulent, rich materials and a continuation of the princely heritage of the site. Rooms are accented with vibrant colours and yet more beautiful stained glass. Choose from 25 individually designed rooms, each with their own set of wonderful idiosyncratic features. If you feel like a little pampering is in order then why not book in to the spa, or the onsite salon for that matter. All is catered for at Palais Faraj.

Why we like it

We like the mosaic floors throughout the building, we love how Moroccans can turn a floor into something so artistic. This is your very own slice of the palace life, just waiting to transport you to a finer time.

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