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The Great Wall of China Black Tomato


An ancient country with a fascinating history, spectacular landscapes, vibrant culture and cities at the height of modernity, China ticks all the boxes and should be at the top of any travel bucket-list.

Lakes of Japan Black Tomato


Conquer the summit of iconic Mount Fuji, gorge on the world’s best sushi and take a step off the beaten track to explore Okinawa and Hokkaido. With mesmerizing culture and fascinating history Japan truly is Asia’s gem.

Macau Street Lights Black Tomato


Although famed for it’s nightlife, Macau is also a historical and cultural melting pot. A fusion of Portuguese and Chinese culture, traditions and of course cuisine, this little city boasts an eclectic assortment of East meets West vibes, making it a totally unique destination.

The Mongolian Steppe Black Tomato


A tinge of untamed, wild beauty laced with the adventurous air of an unexplored frontier – these are the types of journeys that we live for here at Black Tomato.

South Korea

Ancient cities, fascinating history and a food scene that's fast grabbing the world's attention, discover why we've fallen for South Korea.

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan - Black Tomato


A mixture of city lights, unique culture and an outdoor environment that will take you from a fresh mountain top to a steamy hot spring in less than a day, this country has it all. Travel to Taiwan and be mesmerised by the beauty of the landscape, the people, and of course, the flavours.

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