Luxury Holidays in Egypt

An ancient land that has entranced and mystified, compelled and confounded; Egypt is our favourite kind of destination. Far beneath the billowing sails of boats along the Nile and the awe-inspiring wonder of the pyramids of Giza; there is another side to Egypt’s story to be heard. Spend an hour or two talking to the locals to unearth the true magic, for a luxury holiday in Egypt is a tale waiting to be heard.

Luxury Holidays & Honeymoons in Morocco

We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s just something so irresistible about Morocco. Whether it’s the contrast of the wide open desert with the labyrinthine passages of the medina or the allure of the coast whipped by Atlantic winds, we couldn’t say. What has become clear to us though is the enriching effect that a luxury holiday in Morocco has on the soul. Submerging your senses and gaining a new perspective; that is the power of Morocco.

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